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Video Production and Website Design Dallas-Fort Worth | House of SticksLike really good videos. We are a collection of digital production specialists who have years of experience in our specific fields. We woke up one day and thought we could do things better than the rest, so we banded together and started knocking down doors. We have worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands and some you’ve never heard of to create best in class automotive, sports, medical, retail, food, beverage, technology and financial video assets. We made the production company we all wanted to work for – and we can do it our way. Best thing, have it all in-house –  Located right in the heart of Dallas, Texas.

We are not an ad agency… we make the stuff ad agencies and clients need. We work directly with clients or through your agency. We all come from the agency or corporate side of things so if you need help writing a script or are trying to break the story we can do that too. Our video production team can create broadcast or internet commercials, and even short films with Hollywood quality. We all wanted to make the best possible stuff we could on a regular basis, and we feel like we do. So, we work with the most talented people in the region, use the best possible equipment and try to add as much possible value and creativity to a script as we possibly can. We work best in collaboration! With great ideas, we can generate some of our own and spice things up a bit. Check out our portfolio page to see a little more about what we can do for you.

  • Chris Reeve Knives


  • TX Whiskey


  • The Vett Effect


  • Beats by Dre


  • UX design video by House of Sticks video production Dallas



  • Video production for Sports Dallas Fort Worth Nike

    Nike Football


  • Comedy 15 sec commercial

    Trident Layers Gum


  • Boy Scouts of America House of Sticks video production

    Boy Scouts of America


  • House of Sticks Magnolia Brand Film

    Magnolia Brand Film


  • House of Sticks automotive commercial video production

    Artist v Engineer – Mercedes Benz


  • #d animated video by House of Sticks

    Tripcase Apple Watch


  • Patron Tequila video production Dallas House of Sticks

    Patron Tequila


  • DFW video production GoPro

    Go Pro – Swim Stone Swim


  • NEXT worldwide video production DFW

    Next Worldwide 10th Anniversary


  • video production Collin Street Bakery

    Collin Street Bakery


  • Automotive television production

    Sewell TVC


We are the new generation

We do things a little differently. The video production world has seen a TON of change over the past 10 year. Most of us, have never used a film camera. We grew up with digital sensors. Telling stories on our parents MiniDV or Beta cameras. Because of this, we don't see many limitations. We tend to look at problems as opportunity and honestly, don't think there is a project we can't tackle. We just haven't been given the opportunity to make it awesome yet.  Our culture is a bit different too. While we take our work very seriously, we don't really take ourselves too seriously because we know there are more important things in life besides moving pixels around on a screen. Above all, we want to spend our time caring about the things that really matter, which are people. We put people first in all we do. The things we make are a result of our commitment to you. Winning over people through relationship and providing an excellent experience is what we pride ourselves on. If content is king, team work is queen. If you've actually read this far down, take a look at the about page to read more, if not take a look at some of the work below and if you're daring, send us an email, we would love to have you say hello.

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Video Production Company

At this video production company, We work with the best professionals and tools in the industry. We have directors of photography, lighting specialists, art departments and die hard producers to make quality videos to a demanding national broadcast quality level. Just like Hollywood, except totally different.