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Video Production and Website Design Dallas-Fort Worth | House of SticksHouse of Sticks is a full service marketing company with an in-house Video Production Company, web design and mobile app development company all rolled into one. Located right in the heart of Dallas, Texas.

We are a collection of digital production specialists who have years of experience in our specific fields. We work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands and some you’ve never heard of to create marketing, advertising and enterprise solutions for the automotive, sports, medical, retail, food, beverage, technology and financial industries. Our video production team can create broadcast or internet commercials, videos and even short films with Hollywood quality. We have a web design team that tackle all things about the internet. If you want to get your idea into the hands of millions or want to start taking advantage of cloud-based infrastructures, our mobile application development team can handle it. Or if its time for you to step up your marketing game, our content marketing team provides rebranding, photography, content generation and consultation with a smile. Check out our services page to see a little more about what we can do for you.

We are a digital agency

We do things a little differently. Think of us as a creative co-op of sorts. Like a bunch of experts who joined forces to have their individual influence cross-over into other areas not typically associated. We take our jobs seriously, but we don’t really take ourselves too seriously because we know there are more important things in life besides moving pixels around on a screen. Above all, we want to spend our time caring about the things God cares about, which is people. We put people first in all we do. The things we make are a result of our commitment to you. Winning people through relationships, not events but extended ability to do work together. If content is king, collaboration is queen. If you’ve actually read this far down, take a look at the about page to read more.

  • Magnolia Property Company web design by House of Sticks

    Magnolia Property Company


  • The Vett Effect


  • House of Sticks automotive commercial video production

    Artist v Engineer – Mercedes Benz


  • Boy Scouts of America House of Sticks video production

    Boy Scouts of America


  • magnolia at lakewood photoshop skills after image House of Sticks

    Magnolia Lakewood

    architecture Photo

  • Printing and Manufacturing web design

    Orora Visual


  • Construction Company website design

    Z Constructors


  • Mobile App Development to buy and sell your car by House of Sticks

    Buy and Sell App

    Mobile App

  • Stage 3 pharmaceutical trial study mobile app development by House of Sticks

    Drug Trial App

    Mobile App

  • Clinical Trial web design by House of Sticks

    Cardinal Trial


  • Church bible reading plan mobile app development House of Sticks

    CATC Reading Plan App

    Mobile App

  • UX design physician mobile app house of sticks

    Clinical Physician App

    Mobile App

  • Ministry web design

    Next Worldwide Web Design


  • Magnolia Eastern 2

    architecture Photo

  • House of Sticks Magnolia Brand Film

    Magnolia Brand Film


  • architectural photography

    Magnolia Gilbert

    architecture Photo


House of Sticks is a video production company in Dallas Texas that birthed a website design and development house as well as a mobile app development group as a response to our client's growing needs for content. We make business tools, marketing materials and advertisements to assist your business reach and accomplish organizational goals. In the classic sense, we are a creative agency.

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Video Production Company

At this video production company, We work with the best professionals and tools in the industry. We have directors of photography, lighting specialists, art departments and die hard producers to make quality videos to a demanding national broadcast quality level. Just like Hollywood, except totally different.

House of Sticks Video production and web design logo

Web Design

Our website design team builds websites and web applications based on industry standards based on the leading trends and technology based on the belief every product needs to be fully customizable, fully mobile, responsive and findable.

House of Sticks video production company mobile app development dallas

Mobile Apps

Our software development team is the heart and soul of the organization. We are capable of taking any idea and digital design and making it function in an iOS or Android environment. We have software architects, project managers and the whole thing. We are scalable and responsive.

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Content Creation

Our copy writing team, has done work for some of the largest brands around like Celenease, Hostess and Sabre. It doesn’t stop with writing, this group is also responsible for architectural photography, graphic design, illustration and all those things you wanted to be when you were a kid. We have a full team of content creators to help ideate and produce campaigns for our client's needs.