We are the new guys and we love every minute of it. We are a collection of digital production specialists who wanted to schedule our own days and projects in the pursuit of making excellent content. We don’t want to write our names on anything we don’t love. We woke up one day and thought we could do things better than the rest, so we banded together and started knocking down doors. We work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands and some you’ve never heard of to create best in class automotive, sports, medical, retail, food, beverage, technology and financial video assets. Yes, we do corporate stuff too. House of Sticks is a Video Production Company… the production company we all wanted to work for. Best thing is, we have it all in-house. Located right in the heart of Dallas, Texas.

Here is some of our work

  • Texas Rangers Moonshot

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  • Chris Reeve Knives

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  • Beats by Dre

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  • Vett Effect

    Commercial Video

  • TX Whiskey

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  • Patrón Tequila

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  • UX design video by House of Sticks

    Sabre UX

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  • House of Sticks automotive commercial video production

    Mercedes Benz

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  • Automotive television production

    Sewell Trucks

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  • Boy Scouts of America House of Sticks video production

    Boys Scouts of America

    Commercial Video

  • Trident Layers Gum

    Commercial Video

This is how we show off

We make head turning videos – the ones that get attention and impress. We really love the creative process and we leave it all out on the court… Maybe we are the new generation of production company. Maybe we are just too ignorant to know the way things have been done for years. We like to call it flexible and efficient. We can work directly with your company or through your agency. Either way, we can bring value by helping you develop the script or take an existing script and make it come alive. We all come from the agency or the corporate world so, we’ve done it and we understand your world. Hollywood quality is attainable with the right production partner.

We started this whole thing because we wanted to make films we are all proud of. No more DSLR one-man-band stuff – we aren’t the wedding video guys. We want to make excellent and do it with other talented professionals. The way we see it, we get the chance to work with the most well known brands on the planet… make video assets… and we happen to get paid for it… that feels good! In order to make excellent happen, we use the best possible equipment and people and bring passion and creativity each script. We work best in collaboration! Start us off with a great idea — let us generate some of our own and you’ll have something better than you imagined. Check out the work we have done to see a little more about what we can do for you. We have done it for all these folks too.

More About Our Production Services:

So what do we do exactly? Short and sweet. We take ideas and make them into videos. Today, everyone has a camera and the internet's desire to take your attention is at an all-time high. We take your business objectives embodied in a script and make them something people want to watch. We do it by teaming up with the best talent in the industry and record everything with the best gear available. It doesn’t matter if we need to fly something in from Asia or make a trip to Africa. We realized a while back we saw money as secondary to the desire to make something we are proud of… our standards are super high.

We certainly aren’t the one-man band guys with a camera and we certainly aren’t the old-school film guys either. Our value comes with the fact we can take whats great about old-school film production and blend it with the speed of digital. We are the new school.

The only thing old-school about us are our convictions and work ethic. We run a fully digital and mobile operation, we can literally work anywhere. We have utilized the full extent of technology in the video production world in order to be as flexible and nimble as we possibly can - while always maintaining a high work standard.

Nothing comes easily though. Video production takes dedication and a team focused on producing quality work. We also understand the success of any project is made in the planning. Once we get a solid plan in place you’re in for a ride.

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The artist must prophesy not in the sense that he foretells things to come, but in the sense that he tells his audience, at the risk of their displeasure, the secrets of their own hearts.


How to hire the right video production company?

We like to say there is a project for every budget… and thats probably a good place to start out. Understand you get what you pay for. Videos are expensive and the best production companies out there charge a lot to make great content.

So lets look at quality. Believe it or not, creative people are super competitive. We all want to get the big job and get lots of notoriety and have everyone look at our creation and say, “Wow, look how awesome they are”. We all want to rent helicopters, blow buildings and have a blockbuster project. The video production world is just like that. Everyone wants to please the client. If you have caviar taste and Long John Silver’s wallet, you need to make sure you’re swimming in the right pond. If you’re a big fish and you want to show off you can probably go with “What you see is what you get”. For a video production company to bring your vision to life, understand everyone is going to say yes and they can do the job. Here are a few tips to help you figure out who’s the real deal and who’s blowing smoke. First, check out their work. It might not matter if they have done a ton of work for brands as big as yours. But if they have made quality before, chances are you’ll get quality again. Take note of are the quality of the images, quality of the sound and whether or not you like the style.

1. Quality of Images - Video production is a visual medium so things like composition, color, framing etc. are qualities good production companies will have in spades. The best production companies use the great Directors of Photography, you might not know what the title means, but you will know what a good image looks like when you see it.

2. Quality of Sound - us video folk love to forget about sound. Make sure the company you want to use has a history of videos with clear audio recordings, no red flags here.

3. Do you like it? Finally, if you are going to hire a company to produce a video asset, make sure you like the videos they make. Typically, you can trust the saying “You get what you pay for”. If you like the style of one video chances are you will like the one you get.

We think we make better videos than anyone else in the Dallas and we think we can do it just as well as any of the bigger companies. At this point, you’ve seen the work. Click on the button to get a quote for project that caused you to read this far down the page

How much will this video production cost?

Some times sticker shock is a real thing. We don’t shy away from it, we can't. Quality costs something. In order for us to produce high quality images and tell great stories with video, it takes a talented team and good equipment. We have both and both cost hundreds of dollars a day to rent. Good people’s time costs a lot and good tools are expensive to purchase or rent. The better way to answer how much a video will cost is to think of it like a house. If we asked you how much a house cost, you would ask, “What house? How big is it? Where is it located?”- We need answers to the same questions, but the most important one is “How long will it take to make this video?”. Everyone gets paid a day rate. Camera equipment gets rented on a day rate. So if we can produce your video with 2 people, one camera in a single afternoon, you’ve got yourself a pretty cheap video asset. If you need a crew of 30, three cameras that all cost $100k each and 4 days of shooting in different locations, you have a pretty expensive video to produce. In video production time equals money, most literally. Find a sample video, figure out how many days you need and we can give you a price.

How soon can we start?

The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step. We can’t do anything until you click that orange button below and contact us. Once we hear from you and get some clarity about your video production needs, we can start as quickly as tomorrow depending on availability. When you get the final video asset delivered to you is a different question all together.

How do I find out more?

If you have read this far and are still interested, to find out more about our services and discover how we can help you show off in front your manager for using the greatest video production team of all time send us a note from the contact form below or click on the QUOTE button and fill out as much information as you can. We will get back to you quickly and setup a time to discuss your video production needs.

Just in case you're wanting more information now, check out the FAQ page.

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