10 Things to Inspire Creativity

Creativity like the newly discovered toy under the tree. Call it, “innovative”, “story-telling”, “forward-thinking” any of the corporate buzz words, its all the same thing and we all want more of it.

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Being creative is sexy

Here are some ways to make creativity actually happen. Whether you work in a creative industry or you are someone seeking to boost your creativity, there are some surprising ways to make it happen. Below is a list of ten unique things that you can put to use in order to give your creative energy a serious nudge. The heck with realistic expectations, shoot for the stars. Dream big.

  • Look at other people’s work – Go to a museum, buy some magazines, talk to a stranger, go find an expert in their field and talk to them, look at their work. Creativity is found in the work of auto designers, gardeners, chefs, teachers, and everywhere else. “Good artists borrow, great ones steal” – Picasso. Architect’s offices are usually filled with magazines and clippings of building and special images. Film makers typically watch between 150 and 250 movies a year. Go see other people’s stuff. You weren’t made for a vacuum.
  • See a new place – They say that travel is a major eye-opener, but you don’t even have to leave town to see a new place. Is there a tall building that you have never been to the top of? Maybe there is a small park or museum you have never stepped into? Where is a place you have not been? Make a point of visiting, and then make sure you really see it. If you’ve been there before, try to see it in a new way. Lay down on the ground, go during the early morning hours. A new perspective on the same old place can make even the best “old” place new again.
  • Work in a new medium – Are you a website designer or a video director? Your work is visual and displayed on monitors. Why not switch things up and see what it is like to work in another area of design or production, and one that doesn’t let you see your work immediately or even until it is finished in collaboration? Try sculpture.
  • Have a person to aspire to – Heroes give us plenty of things to emulate. Find someone who has the kind of insight, dedication, and passion that you desire, and learn about them. This is an essential. You have to have something to aspire to, why not have it be a someone. Its not like any piece of art ever created itself.
  • Even better find a mentor to encourage you – In addition to a hero or two, make sure you have a real world mentor who helps you remain honest and who nurtures your dedication. Teamwork of this kind is invaluable to personal growth and creativity. If you’re anything like us, you may realize that a good experience with a mentor is probably worth about a semester at any school in the world. Learn by doing and do it with someone who is a master.
  • Feel the cold and see the sun come up – Witnessing things in a conscious manner is an amazingly creative endeavor. Then try to describe it or capture your impressions through storytelling or even in an image. It sounds weird, but if you’re creative, you’ve probably seriously considered having green hair at some point in your life.
  • See places normally filled with people when they are empty – The hush of these places forces us to be introspective, and this always triggers amazing amounts of creative energy. All works of art and design for that matter are a means to speak a message. Sometimes the most inspiring messages are ones that are very deeply human. No better place to get an honest perspective of humanity than at church.

    Sometimes the most inspiring messages are ones that are very deeply human. No better place to get an honest perspective of humanity than at church.

  • Listen to some new music/sermon – Listening without commenting is always good for creativity, and music or strong writing will always trigger a lot of amazing thoughts and ideas. We always have music playing. Try to play the game where you visualize a story based on what the music feels like. Great practice for those aspiring to become music video directors.
  • Go work with someone new in your industry – Just as switching mediums makes for a creative outcome, working with someone in the same industry is an eye opener. The director or cinematographer, website designer, (fill in the blank) expert…these people all play a major role in the work of creatives and have a lot to offer one another. Its said that content is king. If that’s the case, collaboration must be the queen.
  • Question yourself – Are you in love with what you do? Are you passionate? If not, ask yourself how to change that. There’s nothing better than getting paid for what you love to do.

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to think and act more creatively in your work or daily life.

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