TX Whiskey

Yo. This one is hot. Literally. TX Whiskey is one of those brands that has come on strong since the explosion of the local distillery. Located in Fort Worth, they make a high quality product that is highly desirable… get it. We hope you like it.

The Vett Effect

Here is a short video we did with a friend’s Corvette. We had the office space, the actor and time at the track… so we rolled the dice and give it a shot. Turned out pretty well for being an after thought.

Beats by Dre

Recently we had the opportunity and the direction to make a commercial spot that looked very national. SO we got the team together to make this.

UX design video by House of Sticks video production Dallas


UX design at Sabre has come front and center and this is their group talking about why UX is so important.

Boy Scouts of America House of Sticks video production

Boy Scouts of America

Thanks for the opportunity We had a unique privilege of working directly for Boy Scouts of America and the Circle 10 Council to promote the Boy Scouts national annual meeting. The ability to get prominent leaders from the Dallas area involved in the project was quite an honor. Roger Staubach along with George and Laura…

House of Sticks Magnolia Brand Film

Magnolia Brand Film

Magnolia wanted a brand film to highlight the differences between their homes and the others on the market. This film explains the unique aspects of the brand. It highlights the key differences and the benefits of their vision. Smaller homes complexes allow for a more intimate experience. Always in the neighborhoods people want to live…

House of Sticks automotive commercial video production

Artist v Engineer – Mercedes Benz

After months of hard work, countless edit tweaks and late nights… Finally released into the wild. This is the video we’ve been working on for months with this awesome Mercedes Benz. You’ve seen it on our social channels and many of you have asked, but its finally here and the new C 63 AMG Mercedes…

Patron Tequila video production Dallas House of Sticks

Patron Tequila

A little beauty pouring shots for Patron on spec. These were basically tests to see how super sexy and delicious we could make an inexpensive production look.

NEXT worldwide video production DFW

Next Worldwide 10th Anniversary

AWESOME STORY. Next Worldwide is a missions organization that is dedicated to seeing the next generation of Christians follow the Great Commission. To help participants “Live the Mission”, they have brought together church planting missions and missional leadership training into one life-changing journey that gives people the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to radically transform…

video production Collin Street Bakery

Collin Street Bakery

Collin Street Bakery video production project was to highlight the quality of the ingredients, the care each baker puts into the dessert and the fact they are all hand made in Corsicana. Thanks Ron for having such a sweet story. In total we made 3 videos for the McNutt boys. I think they liked us….

Automotive television production

Sewell TVC

Truck spots rocking it out. Ford F150, Toyota Tundra, and the Chevrolet 1500. Beautiful truck spots that fit the West Texas look perfectly. Thanks to Josh Pickering for the help on this one. Oh, and Lulu Lemon for helping Josh be a better Josh. IF you want to see more about the production be sure…

Televison production House of Sticks

2015 Demo Reel

Summer 2015 Demo Reel. Looking to keep rocking.