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A Video Production Company

We are constantly looking for new ways to make something better. Making “good” is not of interest. We want to win awards and impress the world with everything we touch. The thing that keeps us going is the joy of making. Forgive the grammar, but seeing a vision come to life is simply exhilarating. And thats our aim, each and every time.

We know why we exist:

The sweet spot for us is the intersection of creativity, usability and business necessity. We know businesses need to make money. Agencies are hired to grow the bottom line. We get hired to make the tools businesses need to look good and help the client to hit their goals. You have a business to run. Let us do what we’re good at.  We’re creatives from Dallas, Texas who love our jobs. We make excellent with each frame.

We go the extra step to make amazing happen and we pursue it with vigor.

What's with the name?House of Sticks means what?

Conscious Capitalism is something that means a great to deal to us. Making money is great and running a business can be fun, but at the end of the day, we want to make a difference. If you're American, you know the story of the 3 little pigs and at this point you've probably put the pieces together...

But wait, didn't the house of sticks get blown down by the Big Bad Wolf? Yep. And someday all of the stuff we make for you will be just a memory. We want to make things that last. Our goal as an organization is to provide opportunity to young people. The film industry is terribly difficult. Getting a break is hard. We want to make it a bit easier. We offer internships to young film makers to help get their careers and stories going. Teach them how to navigate life, give them some life skills and a solid worldview and let them go out into the wild.

Where we are today

House of Sticks started with Scott. A master's degree in Architecture until the real estate bust. Then a corporate America creative. That's where he learned something important... good work has to be fought for. Never just check the box. Marketing departments are a difficult place for creatives. Burnout settled in fast. So he created the agency we all wanted to work for and chased down clients we always wanted to work with, and here we are.

After coming from the inside, we know what executives are looking for. We know how much fun the approval process is. We have all been part of design by committee. These experiences have been a huge advantage. A leg up. We aren't just artists, creative business people. We recruited other creatives who shared our passion, threw in a bit of maniacal pursuit of original, shook it up and out came House of Sticks.

Today, we surround ourselves with highly talented, high-capacity people. It's our life blood. Now, all the energy we put into a client’s project is exactly what we all love to do. And that passion can be seen in every frame. It makes for better projects, happier creatives, and happier clients. Everyone wins. Now that’s creative professionalism.

What we do

Now we’re big enough to offer a full-service video production

We started off small... we're not huge yet, but we have landed some really solid clients in the last few years. There is a number of different ways we can work with you. If you're an agency looking for solid creatives to take the idea to the next level, we can certainly help. Or, if you're an in-house creative in Corporate America, we can take the reins completely and let you be hands off. Need help with writing a script, we can do that too. Our goal is to make your vision (the little video playing in your mind) better than what you imagined. Rest assured we work with the best talent you can find. Our producers are always busy, our crews are made up of the same people that create the shows you watch on TV, and we use the best equipment money can buy.

Get the skinny on our video production services here. Or better yet, tell us your thoughts and problems, and we’ll tell you specifically how we can help.


Story-tellingHow House of Sticks creates sticky impressions

We’ve worked with all size businesses. From multi-billion-dollar global powerhouses to fledgling one-man operations. The craftsman, hand made stories are especially powerful. But don’t worry: you don’t have to know your story. If necessary, we can help you find it. That’s what great storytellers do. We take the obvious and add in some magic and get to the heart of it. The magic isn’t just in the collection of the pieces — its teasing out the emotion and then... BAM! Hit 'em in the heart strings. Check out some of the stories we’ve told in the video below. And while you’re watching, imagine what your story might look like. We can make that happen.

Not everyone is into video production. We get it. No matter what you need, we’ll make your story compelling. Beautiful. Exciting.

Let’s start our origin story of working together now.


Check it outThis is how we work

Have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes during a video shoot? It’s an exciting experience for everyone. It’s an exciting experience even if you’ve done it a dozen times! We capture lots of these moments and share them on our social channels. (May I recommend Instagram?) Check out the fun going on. And again, imagine what it would be with you in it.

How we give backYou can work alongside us

We believe everyone has a story. (Well, lots of stories.) You've heard that before. One of the most important stories people have is the one about their careers.

The beginning of that career story is interesting to us. If you are a creative who wants to understand how to use your talents for big results and  are trying to figure out what the career path looks like or know someone else who is, we might just be able to help. At House of Sticks we want allow all of your creative muscles to be flexed. Big business problems equal big bucks from big companies. Flex it.

You have skills that businesses can’t survive without. Let us show you how with a House of Sticks internship. Most of our interns come from the metroplex around Dallas, Texas. It’s our way of giving back to the community. But you don’t have to be local. Many creatives work remotely anyway. We’d love to show you how. If you’d like to learn to use creative powers in a way that’ll set you up for a lucrative and fulfilling career — not to mention gathering some crazy good portfolio pieces and serious chops — merge your story with ours. Apply for an internship.

We want to help you realize your passion. Whether you’re interested in video, we can help you, and you can help us.

The Sticks of House of Sticks

Not often do we get people reading this far down. Glad you made it!

Call us at 214-444-3344. Heck, text us.
If the phone is too intimidating at first, just send us an email.
We’d love to make an impression on you.

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