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  • A valuable client lesson

    While on set with a huge international company an another huge celebrity, I learned something great.

  • Lets make better design with house of sticks

    Like and Dislike vs Good and Bad

    Be careful to not get into subjective (like vs dislike) conversations with clients. Keep your discussions about objective principles you can agree on.

  • Simple Tips for Freelancing Successfully

    Freelancing can be hard but also really good. We compiled a few tips on how to do it well. Knowledge is power. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Make the jump or not? It takes guts to be a “freelancer” in any field. It means you believe in your skills, your unique offering, and your ability to create a…

  • Realities of Running a Business

    Creatives are typically very good at being creative and very bad at running a business. Here are some good tips on how to stay on top of what keeps you employed. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Focus Growing an audience Whether your business is already up and running, or you are just finalizing the details with your first…

  • Contacts to Clients

    A little insight into turning the contact list into paying clients. It’s not easy, but doable. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] People pay the people they want to do business with Obviously, one of the biggest parts of building a successful business is to get more clients. Its business development and it can feel like you’re stuck in…

  • Writing a Good Freelance Contract

    Knowing how to protect yourself legally is always a good idea, especially if you are planning on exchanging money for services. This is by no means a replacement for legal council. Hire your lawyer friend. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Protect this house As a freelancer you run the risk of some fairly common mistakes. One of the…

  • Good, Cheap, and Fast – Choose one

    Don’t expect to get a masterpiece for $5, and if you do, it probably is going to take 10 years to actually get it.