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Responsive Design

Responding with Responsive Design

Launching Expressing our client’s vision WOW, what a week it has been! House of Sticks is pleased to announce the launch of! To say that our team is humbled and extremely thankful for the opportunity presented to us by Watermark Church is an understatement. Watermark’s Young Adult Ministry which is branded The Porch…

Lets make better design with house of sticks

Like and Dislike vs Good and Bad

Be careful to not get into subjective (like vs dislike) conversations with clients. Keep your discussions about objective principles you can agree on.

Creatives: To Go to School or Not

Its a topic that is gaining a lot of momentum and its because school is so very expensive.

Creativity With Boundaries

The best ideas never come from possibilities they come from constraints. Its creative thinking at is height.

Designing for mobile

Designing for One Eye and One Thumb

Weird title for a good reason. So many people are on mobile devices you have half of their attention and they need to reach you with a click of a thumb.

Making Something Different

Its been said that “there is nothing new under the sun”. Its true everything is a twist on an old idea, but its the quality of the twist that matters.

The Creative Process as Basic Problem Solving

Most people think of the creative process as just making things pretty but when you take a closer look you find its really just basic problem solving.

Realistic Expectations

Having the proper expectations about a creative endeavor goes a long way towards making a successful project. Take some time to understand what is really going to happen compared to what you might think.

Speaking Only One Design Language

This article is one we take to heart at House of Sticks. It is a lesson for every creative to grasp, practice and hone, for it is the single thing that separates good creatives from average ones. World-class designers are experts at this.

Making a Creative Space

Don’t settle for a cubicle. Make your space into a haven for film making, video production, branding, anything creative.