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Responsive Design

Responding with Responsive Design

Launching Expressing our client’s vision WOW, what a week it has been! House of Sticks is pleased to announce the launch of! To say that our team is humbled and extremely thankful for the opportunity presented to us by Watermark Church is an understatement. Watermark’s Young Adult Ministry which is branded The Porch…

Abstract fireworks photos - House of Sticks - Scott Stickane

Happy Independence Day Week

Enjoy your Independence Day week and realize we have a TON to be thankful for.

follow your dreams clouds in hand

Chasing Dreams: 14 steps of the Corporate Creative

Follow your dreams as a creative. Take the steps necessary to make changes in your current situation. Be smart about it and be encouraged. Don’t give up. Never give up.

video production content marketing VR goggles

For the Love of Video: A content marketer’s view ...

Ever wanted to know what a professional content marketer thinks about video and why its important? In this article we will tackle what video is king of the hill.

Adobe’s “The Launch”

We constantly juggle client needs with budgets. This ad is so on point, but maybe a bit esoteric.

ASC Masterclass – Day 5

I can not believe its already over. What a great week. Great teaching, knowledge and even better friends made. Thank you ASC.

ASC Masterclass – Day 4

Day 4 was the best day yet. However this perspective was pretty unique. It was philosophical reinforcement for me.

ASC Masterclass – Day 3

Day 3 was long. Lots of education and lots of great insights into Master Cinematographers work.

ASC Masterclass – Day 2

Day 2 did not disappoint. It was very much a hands on opportunity which everyone took advantage of. All day in a sound stage with really expensive professional equipment just making normal stuff look beautiful.

ASC Masterclass 2015

So the American Society of Cinematographers puts on a Masterclass. I was fortunate to have been accepted to the program and attend. I have done my best and will continue to aggregate the immense amount of knowledge of the next few days here.

Southwest Airlines – Machine

This is a beautiful commercial spot. Worth the watch even if you don’t care much about airlines, southwest or branding. Well done all those who were involved.

My time with Chuck

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet with a truly brilliant person? I just did.

A win for Maroon 5 – Sugar

I don’t know what took me so long to see this video but, it is fabulous. Take 5 minutes and take a look in case you haven’t already seen it.

Kickstart Mountain Dew – Super Bowl Ad

Yes, yes, yes. This is so good. Take some time to see one of our favorite Super Bowl ads.

Esurance Walter White Super Bowl

Thank you Esurance for bringing back Walter White! You have made my year of commercial awesomeness. This is a great example of celebrity use of character.