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Dallas video production company House of Sticks

An introduction to House of Sticks

A copy of a recent article as an introduction to House of Sticks, our philosophy and reason for existing. PR is always a good thing and we are happy to share our story with anyone willing to listen. Hence the repost of the article. Boom.

Finding Collaboration and Teamwork

Being on the right team is going to be your best way forward. Finding the team that is going to offer the best symbiotic relationship is a different story.

Growing Your Craft Takes Time

Don’t be in such a hurry to get to the finish line. Its a hard lesson to learn, but in all situations the journey to get there provides more benefit than the destination. Remember its all about relationships.

Teaching Others Strengthens Your Skills

You would be surprised how much more you learn as a teacher of the craft than just a student. Often we end up learning more than the students we aim to teach… if we are pushing the limits of possibility.

Contacts to Clients

A little insight into turning the contact list into paying clients. It’s not easy, but doable.

Time with Andy

Another opportunity to pick the brain of a well respected man. Thanks Andy.

Creatives Working in Corporate America

It may end up being a great means to an end. Its not glamorous but it pays the bills.

First things first

Above all things, people matter. We take the stance that we want to care about the things God cares about, so we care about people.

Working with Creatives

Creative people are a different kind of people. We think about things differently. We really take pride in our work and have a tendency to get married to what we are making.