Collin Street Bakery BTS

How to help your customer’s bottom line while trying to not eat all the profits.

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Looking super fat in the bakery

I must say the food at Collin Street bakery is FANTASTIC. Best pecan pie I have ever had. You wouldn’t ever know it either unless you really went looking for the southern styled building in Corsicana Texas. You have probably heard of them before as being the world’s leading producer of fruit cake, they have been on a ton of TV shows, most notably in the background of Miss Kay’s kitchen from Duck Dynasty.

First, Check this out

The case study is coming as quickly as we can get it processed. We just couldn’t wait to show you the behind the curtain.

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High quality ingredients with original recipes make for a great combination especially when the people making them care so much about their work. Check out the videos here.

Pies that taste your mom or grandma made them.

There’s nothing quite like the image quality and sharpness RED Dragon gives you. Super flexible camera with a ton of upside. Reframing shots for this one was essential to getting the images the client needed. Plus, having the ability to pull high quality stills from motion saved our butts on this one as well.

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If you are in Central Texas, make the trip to Collin Street Bakery. Its so worth the effort.

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