Defining Success is Your Job

Knowing what you are ultimately striving for is important if you are to ever reach a goal. Make success attainable, enjoyable and if possible… eternal.

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Its probably the most important question you can answer

Success is such a subjective idea. The success you desire may seem nothing like success at all to the person sitting next to you. For one thing, in our modern era a lot of people look at the “bottom line” to gauge whether something is successful. However, let’s consider a few major points that can help you better define success by your standards:

  • It is not money – You can be sensible and determine whether or not success includes a reasonable income, but try not to make your success directly linked to earning gobs of money. Earning money isn’t enough to satisfy you and your life is certainly more important than a number in a bank account.
  • Success is yours to define – With the first tip in mind, consider just what it would mean to be a success. Does it mean working from home? Does success translate to having a creative career that is the result of your dedication and hard work? Is success seeing your work being bought and sold? Whatever you see as success, make sure you define it clearly.
  • It is not money.
  • Break it down into small goalsAttainable goals can help you to clearly and sharply define success. Be honest about it. Do you want to work in website design? This takes many small and attainable goals – mastering the market, developing an eye, honing your skills and craft, and so on. Success can be claimed when each goal is met, and then when your full definition has been reached.
  • It is not money.
  • Define it and then go for it – All too often people may go as far as defining success, but then fear of failure (or just plain fear) kicks in and they don’t follow their heart.

Your definition of success can be fluid and you can adjust it as you make your way. Be honest and creative. This is a time to think outside of the box and really ask yourself what you find inspiring, what would let you become all you have dreamt of, and really succeed. Don’t overlook that success can come from being in collaboration with others or even working in a specific field to grow your craft or skills.

The experts agree that, “Many ideas about success are often not our own,” (Nishi, 2014). Prove the experts wrong; use a bit of dedication and creative problem solving to truly define your idea of success, and then go for it.

Our desire is to make a difference in people’s lives through discipleship. That is our measure of success and is what drives the business forward because we want to fund that effort by running a good business others can be a part of. Its all about people, not projects.

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