Educational Video Production

How video can help improve the learning experience?

Educational video production can help your students retain more of what you’re teaching. Video makes content sticky. Especially if it’s entertaining. Our attention spans have shortened and we have required more from our time than ever before. Video is a fantastic tool to provide education on any subject. Viewers can select when they want to ingest the content and educators don’t have to regurgitate the same information over and over again. Even better if you can condense your education into bite sized inspirational messages. Take a look at Gary Vee. Education is all about retention. Videos can produce opportunities to reach people when they are most ready and capable to ingest your information.

How much does it cost?

Educational videos are more simple, but there is often much much more content to produce. Usually an educational video resolves onto a person talking on one side of the screen while a graphic that reinforces the idea exists on the other. While the end product might not require expensive cameras and professional actors, the expense from these types of videos comes from post production. Educational videos end up requiring technical edits and graphical overlays, both of these items as well as a few more variables make educational videos best to be priced based on final deliverable run time. We like to budget educational videos by the minute with a predetermined amount of animated sections or specialty graphics. Based on the specific needs and examples provided, educational videos will run about $250-5000 per minute. Usually, the price decreases the longer the total run time… but it’s all impossible to know until we have a conversation.

How long does it take?

The biggest challenge in educational videos are the planning/script writing and the changes in post production. While the filming of the project might only take 1 day. The script writing and planning could take months. Some projects require sets to be built, stages to be rented and talent to be coordinated. This could take 2 months and most of the time the script will come directly from the client. Post production requires the biggest amount of effort. It’s best to create the first video as a template and then base the rest off of that initial deliverable. This process can take 4-16 weeks based on the amount of content.

Why work with House of Sticks?

We have a unique ability to break down complicated ideas and communicate them simply. We have provided educational videos for non-profits to pharmaceutical clinical trials to real estate. As long as the idea can be translated to us clearly, we can help you produce television quality videos that are easy to understand and beautiful to behold.

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