Frequently asked questions

How does this thing work?

First and most importantly, we talk. Send us an email (below). Don’t worry about having all your stuff together. Rather than plan out the note, just tell us how you think we can help. No need for a lot of detail. Chances are you already know what you need, just educate us. We are more connected than we probably should be, the response will be pretty quick. This FAQ should answer the most common questions we have been asked. Keep reading.

Next, we talk a bit more. We need to understand the fundamentals of your story. Phone, video chat or in person, we need to get to know you and what you’re looking for, understand your vision, and get excited about what you’re excited about. Certainly, its the best way for us to get others on board. Its a foundational step and also, really fun. At this point, we (us and you) start dreaming of the possibilities. The best clients can work to think of all the possibilities and then we reduce them to the essentials. WE FIND THE HEART OF THE STORY.

Doing Work

Finally, we start lifting. By this point we have had enough time to figure out what your story is. Now its time to go back and give you some ideas about what your project will be. Our ideas will probably be presented to you in sketches or a treatment.

What a Treatment?

A treatment is just a short bit of text that describes our vision of what your looking for and how we can accomplish what you want. In it you will find what we think the bones of your story are, how we would like to present it to the world and what we think it will take to make it a reality.

Now we have successfully reduced the possibilities into a clear and concise foundational idea and plan. Most importantly, we execute it. After your feedback, we take the treatment or sketches and get serious about it. Scripts, storyboards, mock-ups, whatever it takes. This is where all the pretty things you’ve been dreaming will start coming to life. This part of the project is creating the blueprint. You will really get a sense of what your project will end up being before its actually made.

How long will it take?

This is a very common question but all depends on your project. On average, a solid video production will take 6-10 weeks from the first concept of the idea to final delivery. It all depends on the story, complexity and how quickly approvals can move. It just depends on how much you have and how much you want. The process is not unlike building a house. The bigger the house, the longer the process. Of course you can always put more people to the task of making it, but thats a matter of resources. Keep in mind the age-old equation of "good/cheap/fast, pick 2". We want to make it right, but it takes time.

How much does it cost?

Speaking of time, and resources how much will this thing cost? Well, to keep the house building analogy going, asking "How much will it cost?" is like asking us how much will it cost to build a house. Which house? How many square feet? In California or Canada? There are lots of variables here, so let's look at it in three categories.

1. Established startups. These groups have the interest of some people with money to invest. Love it. Ability to build big hoises. They have a legitimate business going, they have a momentum of growth, and they’re happy to invest the money to get things right. This group typically knows that you get what you pay for. These projects can be accomplished for a cost of two dollar signs. $$

2. Large Corporate Clients. The competition for these kinds of projects is fierce. We do fewer of these, not because we can't but because the world doesn’t know how awesome we are. We love these projects and we are getting more of them daily. Get on board. Trains a moving. These are big productions with lots of people involved. These projects cost three dollar signs. $$$

3. Startups, church plants and brides. Passion projects. We know these clients well, because we are one, we have just been fortunate enough to get some bigger jobs. Praise the Lord. Normally, these clients aren't afraid to make a splash and do things differently. Many times some of our best work comes from startup clients that are hard after their dreams. If you love what you're working on and are passionate about it, in exchange for your trust in our design aesthetic and style/ cinematography we will take on the world with you. We know we will have fun. These videos cost one dollar sign. $

What do I get for all my dollar signs?

We want to tell your story the best it can be told, because of that we basically act as a creative agency and production house in one. So in most cases, we actually make the stuff we talk about, write and sketch. There is a great group of really talented individuals that join forces here. The process is really what makes the job fun. In just about every case we see the project through from initial email to final delivery. We will do everything for you. Truly a turn key experience. Most of the final files will be delivered via Dropbox. So when you get a quote from us, that's the final price you have to pay. Ever. We don't like managing rights to projects or chasing down monthly payments, so we sign all the rights over to you. All we ask is we can show your story off to future clients.

Why does it cost so many(or little) dollar signs?

Since most all of us have seen countless hours of television and online stuff, its easy to assume since your brother in law or friend has a camera or mac, its just one guy pressing the record button and another guy talking. Unfortunately, thats, not the case. In fact, it takes a great deal of skill, time and work to make something right. Typically, you only really notice it when its not done right. Rest assured your project will end up being the same quality that you see on TV or in a magazine, we do use the same process and technology the big guys do. There's not a trick to it, just a little talent and a ton of work.

Who is actually going to do this work? We also work with a group of very talented artists who do their craft very well. Since we act as the creative agency and production house, we can oversee the projects with better detail. We are sticklers for making sure the "story" part is down and well crafted. We have very high standards. By working on both the creative and production sides we can make sure we give more attention to our clients and make sure we make really cool stuff. We would love to work with you.

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