Film Just Opens the Door

We see film as the gateway to get the conversation started, not the sale

In order to be successful, you have to connect with people. Every company desires services with a personal touch. Today’s customer have very high expectations. Corporate productions in Texas and Dallas especially want a production with a smile. They want to feel as special. If you want to connect creative films with people, you have to make an emotion connection both on screen and in the business dealigns. Put a face to your media. There is a lot of money in Dallas and corporate clients have the option of getting their marketing materials produced by any number of production companies. If you have watched any marketing videos, and have an eye towards quality you can see there are many Dallas based production companies that produce services for companies who specializes in cheap. If your company is looking for a marketing company and price is the first consideration. You may have already seen a common businesses mistake.

Specializing in the high end means not all companies need to become production partners. We are looking for video production partners, not sales. Media production and the services involved is art. We got into this so we could make the best videos around, enjoy the production process and work with a company that shares similar professional values. We aren’t in it just for the money. We are in it as much for the production relationships as we are making a strong Dallas company.

Relationships matter most in Video Production

Films themselves are not the be all and end all. If we made the world’s greatest production, certainly Dallas and Fort Worth would notice, but if we treated the people involved we would certainly be a one hit wonder. Or we would need to move our production company to another city and make new relationships. Videos just start a conversation. It is art after all, and it is a means to an end. When you create a professional, storytelling video, you aren’t just informing people that your business exists. You are putting a message out there. You are inspiring people to start talking with you or with others and reputation goes a long way.

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We believe you must first engage someone’s heart before they will listen to what you have to say.

Video as art and a business tool

Video is the best way to attach emotion to an ad. Yes, your film is art, but you must remember that it needs purpose. Art without a purpose is just pretty pictures. When you add a purpose, you are conveying a message, and it is a careful choice what the message is. This is where the talent comes in. You have to consider what you are preaching. Are you showing your business as truthful and dedicated to helping others? Are you standing on your soapbox getting the right image out there? If you aren’t, then you are wasting the true power of the video.

Companies need video productions to get the conversation started. Let’ splay pretend, a great Dallas corporate company provides world class services. They are a startup. They don’t have a huge budget for marketing but they need to get their message our there. There is tons of Dallas media flying onto the internet providing an attempt to get people to care. A great video production company along with a great marketing plan can take a Dallas Texas production and make it cut through all the chatter. When a Dallas company puts videos on the internet, they have to compete with more than just other Texas or Fort Worth companies, they have to compete with every cat video out there. Training yourself to keep that in mind will hopefully force the issue of good story telling and using high end production skills. A company you want to get the attention of is full of people. Emotion filled people. They want to enter into a conversation. They want to talk, listen, and be heard. They want to know you care. And, when you create film, this is something you must keep in mind. The power in film is that it is storytelling, and if you tell the right story, this will make a massive difference for your video.


House of Sticks is a creative production company in Dallas, Texas. We do work all over the country and get to go international when the opportunity calls. Dallas is a funny place to do business in the videos and media production world. We have a videographer and videography down to an art. Even if you feel a little overwhelmed by this concept, House of Sticks is here to help your business in Dallas or Fort Worth. Our goal to provide you with the best production environment possible. When you come to us, we will do our best to help you start conversations with your viewers and followers.

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