Healthcare Video Production

How can video help your healthcare practice?

Healthcare video production can help you grow! As more healthcare offerings are being provided by the private sector each quarter, the competition for patients increases. While existing relationships, referrals and business partnerships might be the main source of new patient intake video can provide an interesting opportunity for new businesses and businesses looking to become more efficient. Videos can provide customers with important and detailed information or provide explanation of services or procedures. If the goal of your practice is to increase new patients, videos by a licensed and expert medical professional could be a great way to get your business in front of people looking for services.

How much does it cost?

Healthcare videos, just like any other video, can range in cost. There is a difference between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. Pharma companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete their trials where healthcare providers are well below $50k mark. This is due to the needs of the client and distribution channel of the final video asset. So unless you are a giant pharma or hospital system, your video shouldn’t cost anymore than a small marketing budget.

How long does it take?

How long does it take to build a house? Having trouble answering the question because there is other information required? Yeah. In general, you should allow 2-4 weeks for a script to be written and approved, 4-6 weeks for the preparations to be made and another 2-6 weeks to finish it off. If you have a simple animated text video the “pre-production” phase can be omitted.

Why work with House of Sticks?

House of Sticks has years of experience working with Healthcare professionals and clinical trials in the video production process. We can provide an excellent quality video ready for broadcast or scale down to meet your budget needs.

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