How to Get Started With Your Big Idea

Everyone has a big idea. What about actually taking some steps towards making those ideas mean something.

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Getting started is half the battle

So, you’ve had this amazing idea for a business or enterprise, and now you need to get the ball rolling? Maybe you already have an established DFW business and you are looking to move everything to a new level. How do you get started? What are the first important steps?

As you will discover by doing even a basic search of the Internet, the first phase of doing anything with a big idea is to make some basic plans. (, 2014) You have to have a solid foundation that you can build on in terms of creativity and goals. In other words, if you are looking to think outside of the box, you have got to have a solid box to even think outside of in the first place.

We’ll assume that all of the thinking and planning is done, and now you are wondering just what to do. That tells us that the next phase is to stop any further planning, and just do it. Do what? All of it! You have to use what experts call creative problem solving, and by the time you are thinking about getting started, you already know the problems and have a few ideas about solving them – that means you have to test the solutions you have developed.

Find another way around your issue. Its the core of problem solving

If you are hesitating, you need to ask yourself just why that is the case? Unfortunately, a lot of people with truly great ideas are suffering from fear of failure and so they are ready to grasp at any excuse for not putting themselves out there and risking the failure. Instead of looking at it this way, though, put a major creative spin on it.

How? Just try to find another way around your supposed hurtle. This is the essence of creative problem solving, which is also the heart of innovation. Remember that old saying about necessity being the “mother of invention”? This is time to find a way to make it work. A truly solid solution often involves collaboration with professionals who can guide you in ways you may not have expected.

Take the filmmaking industry – most professionals agree that around 90% of filmmaking is just doing it, and success is due to the teamwork involved. The cinematographer may worry about the production quality, the design team may struggle with another aspect of set design, and still further people may worry about their collaboration on the project. However, the momentum is there and belief in the idea is there, so they just do it.

Think of how many beautiful and inspiring movies are made in this way. Now think of how much success your business idea will have when you consider collaboration and teamwork, and get started.

Below is a link to a the SBA, although its a government website, it has some good content. Check out this commercial from last year’s Super Bowl. Its a great idea and you can believe the people involved believed in the final outcome.


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