Ideas Are Worthless

This is a pretty harsh headline, but if you really think about it… Ideas don’t amount to much unless you are willing to follow through with the execution.

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Sorry to burst your film maker bubble

Yes, you read that right. Ideas are worthless. They won’t do anything because they are just ideas. Millions upon millions of people have had ideas and many of them seemed good, but they never amounted to anything. Do you know why? An idea can do nothing on its own. It’s just a thought that sits in your head. It cannot act. It cannot develop into something. It cannot even be patented.

The only way that an idea can become something powerful is if you act on it. Until you put action behind an idea that you have developed, it will accomplish nothing and certainly will not develop your business. Here are some facts you should keep in mind:

  • Everyone has ideas. Few people have the dedication to see them to fruition.
  • Great ideas don’t just come to you in a dream. They are made through dedication, collaboration, and true effort.
  • Ideas are worthless. An executable plan is not. In fact, the plan holds all of the value.

What does this mean for your great film idea then? Just do it already. If you have an idea, stop procrastinating, Stop mulling over that idea. Stop putting it on a back burner. Take your idea and turn it into something valuable. And, most importantly, know when to get help. Chances are you need help.

Let’s say you have an idea for a video to market your business. Right now, that idea is worthless. It isn’t reaching potential customers or doing anything other than sitting in your brain. But, if you create a plan, everything changes. You can actually turn the idea into a reality. When it comes to the video idea, you could:

  • Contact a professional video service.
  • Begin collaboration on how to produce the video.
  • Donate your dedication to seeing the process through to the end.
  • Create a beautiful and professional video that will work for you.

That’s how you can turn an idea into a reality. If you want to grow your business, then it is time to take action, and the good news is that House of Sticks can help you. We offer a full service video production house and all the right equipment to create a partner you can depend on. Once you have an idea, we can help you come up with an executable plan and put it into action. So, if you have a business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and need a film, commercial, web development or anything else you can view on a screen, we will be glad to assist you. Don’t waste another moment letting a worthless idea just sit there. Take action now.


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