Making a Creative Space

Don’t settle for a cubicle. Make your space into a haven for film making, video production, branding, anything creative.

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Creative space matters

How to get the most out of where you spend the most of your time. No matter in what business or industry you are currently working, you have to allow yourself mental and physical “creative space” if you are to remain a success. Just consider this quote from a recent business journal, “Recent trends affirm the need and desire for creativity in the workplace. More and more, creativity is becoming part of job descriptions. Many of our largest companies…expect their workers to spend as much as 20% of their time thinking creatively about new business opportunities.” Maggitti, Patrick

This proves that the growth of any business, massive or small, requires creativity. However, if you are the owner of an established business in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas (anywhere for that matter) you may find yourself asking just how you are supposed to do the day-to-day work, manage the administrative details, and be creative on top of everything else. The good, fast and cheap rule applies here.

You must then strive to keep a lot of the things that inspire you in sight.

The best answer is to make sure that you work each day within a creative space. It starts with an actual, physical space that you create to nurture your mental processes, and from there you often find ongoing inspiration. However, this means that you need to give yourself a “clean slate” to fill with ideas or thoughts. Even if you have only a small desk, make sure that the area in which you work is clean and uncluttered. Be sure that it has ample lighting as this too stimulates the mind.

You must then strive to keep a lot of the things that inspire you in sight. Many successful business owners use a bulletin board or idea board where they pin up everything from images and clippings to articles or items they know will inspire their creative process.

When you get the physical space organized, be sure you are surrounding yourself completely with things you like, this includes sounds like music or white noise, scents, colors and more. The key is to find inspiring things and create an environment that triggers your most creative energy.

One of the finest ways to really motivate your creativity is through a community of similar people. This does not mean choosing only like-minded people to work for your firm or business. In fact, common business sense proves that creativity is stimulated more by collaboration and teamwork, which demands unique individuals.

Of course, an ideal way to get inspired and get the most out of physical and mental creative spaces is to work with others who understand the need for creative solutions. Consider your website as a perfect example of the possibilities that can emerge from creativity. What is the design? Does it tell the “story” of your business or enterprise? If not, you can work with a community of similarly minded people and hire production professionals to create a beautiful and honest design that is a natural reflection of the creative spaces (mental, physical, professional) that define your work.

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