Mercedes BenzArtist vs Engineer

White smoking tires

After months of hard work, countless edit tweaks and late nights…

Its finally into the wild

This is the video we’ve been working on for months with this awesome Mercedes Benz. You’ve seen it on our social channels and many of you have asked, but its finally here and the new C 63 AMG Mercedes is one hell of car. It almost feels like it has a little too much power for its own good, which is fantastic. A big thank you from us to all of the professionals in the production industry who helped. The production schedule for this project was very full, as the script for the spot was definitely ambitious. The idea of the script was too personify the project manager in charge of the car as the car himself. He had to be both artistic and scientific. On one hand data driven, on the other hand obsessed with beauty. The casting of Cole Gleason was truly a blessing as he was able to bring the right looks and the right attitude to the project. Working with talented people is probably the best part of the commercial production process.

An adrenaline filled experience to say least. Again, we couldn’t be more excited to have worked on such a great project. Thank you to all people involved. Thank you for all the crew members who jumped off of other projects to make this what happen. Literally making a automotive commercial for the industry is a big undertaking and one that educated all of us. We are just excited to take a shot at the dance. Low statistics, high return. Thats how we roll at House of Sticks.

Behind the Scenes

Cinematic shots

House of Sticks video production dallasHouse of Sticks video production dallas

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