The National Annual Meeting ofThe Boy Scouts of America

Thanks to all involved

We had a unique privilege of working with the Boy Scouts of America and the Circle 10 Council to promote the Boy Scouts national annual meeting. The ability to get prominent leaders from the Dallas area involved in the project was quite an honor. Roger Staubach along with George and Laura Bush were both gracious enough to offer their time and words to the Boy Scouts of America. From a video production standpoint, it’s always very important to make the subjects on camera feel comfortable and get in and out with causing the least amount of effort and disruption. Having 2 celebrities who are very comfortable on camera along with the Mayor of Dallas provided us with great footage to use for the Boy Scouts. Working with a scout like Bush and Staubach was an official merit badge of honor. The youth of the scouting community in general are fantastic young men. The Boy Scouts of America and The Cub Scouts alike are offered such great opportunities to get out of the house. The troop of boys were fantastic. America the Great, great boy scouts and great videos. The piece turned out well here’s to future work with the Boy Scouts of America and a great future.

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