Enlyten My Serve

Movement and Energy

What is that elusive place where mind and body work in perfect sync? Energy so focused that movements seem to flow without conscious effort? Timing crucial to the millisecond and performance is enhanced? But at any time…that edge can be lost. It can be a simple distraction, a miscalculation or a breakdown somewhere in the physical or mental state of being. Elite performers dedicate their careers to the search for this elusive feeling, devoting hours of conditioning to “listening” to their body—trying to construct a bridge between mind and body sturdy enough to lead them straight to performance nirvana.

Photographing these performance nirvanas with the Phantom HD provided the perfect method of underscoring the imagery to the inner monologues of the athletes. The 1,000 frames per second photography gave insight into split-second decision making that has to be considered to make any athletic play successful. “High-speed digital photography has finally become a reality and is quickly closing the gap on expensive traditional photochemical processes,” says Christopher. “The ability to use PL and Panavision lens mounts and the advantages of instant digital dailies result in less expensive high end film style footage.”

Using the concept of maintaining perfect mental and physical balance to achieve beyond expectation is the benefits driven story for Enlyten nutrition strips. Painted against an exciting backdrop of original imagery and engaging music, the video encourages the viewer to challenge all preconceived perceptions. The result evokes a spirit of unique vision….bold. Unapologetic.

Using a mix of animation composites and stock backgrounds, real world foregrounds and CGI elements, all together in the same world offers surreal moments of that elusive performance nirvana.