Premium Services and Luxury Brands

So if you months ago we had the pleasure of speaking with a man from the New Zealand Herald about House of Sticks. In case you didn’t already know, we are an online marketing and advertising production company. We make the stuff advertisers use. We specialize in video production and software development. Graham McGregor who was the author of the article written the New Zealand Herald contacted us in response to a PR lead we had made online. The initial question was, something along the lines of “How do you charge a premium price for your products?” Of course, we responded in high style and form to tell Graham a little bit about our services and he liked it so much we got an interview. Basically, our media production talent, and our business as a digital marketing agency’s level of production won him over. Maybe a little personality as well… You can find a link to graham McGregor’s full article here.

Without completely plagiarizing the conversation or any of the article with the New Zealand Herald, the substance of the interview revolved around how to charge a premium price for your services. The simple (in our minds) response, is to make sure you ALWAYS provide a premium product. Most people understand, you get what you pay for. You pay for a Rolex because you know you’re buying quality. At some point, price is no longer the driving factor, its quality.

Since having this conversation, the idea of being a premium priced marketing production and design firm, has been difficult to shake. Bottom line: a premium Service, is a luxury brand. So as a professional in the marketing, production, advertising, internet, videos, or any trade business, its imperative to think like a luxury brand does. For those of you who are regulars at luxury brand stores, ask yourself why you continue to go back and spend 10 times the amount of money on an item that you could have purchased at Walmart. Think about the experience you get working with a business like Neiman Marcus or Sewell in Dallas. Price for these company’s customers is not the number one decision driver. As all successful luxury brands do, the customer service experience is paramount. There is an expectation when you go into a luxury Store, that you will get a luxury product. The same must be true for all people working in production, especially marketing and advertising production. There is a certain threshold of talent required to play the game, but its client experience that matters most.

Put yourself in the shoes of the marketing executives in charge of millions of dollars at Fortune 1000 companies. It’s a high stress, highly competitive title to have. So as creative production group, it makes a ton of sense to take as much stress off that person as possible. Provide for them a clear outline of what to expect. Provide for them, a clear cost of what you’re going to charge for your services. Keep them in the loop and engaged in the process as much as possible. Completely dominate the expectations by delivering a fantastic product. And most importantly, provide them with an experience unlike any other. Think about it, if you can provide executives with the opportunity to escape their office and come into your world as a creative (something that is fun and engaging, like art class) and let them have a good time doing it, you’ve won. These companies, can do business with anyone. But companies don’t make decisions, people do. Make them come back for the experience. As we’ve said before, relationships are more important than money. AND Relationships, are 90% experience.

House of sticks is a marketing creative production, media generation, digital design agency in Dallas. We think we are pretty awesome. If you’re looking for marketing project you need some high-end video production or you just want to spend some money hanging out some cool people, House of Sticks maybe the perfect place for you.

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