Category: Video

  • Carry Guard VR

    Carry Guard VR NRA Annual Meeting One of the most exciting attractions at NRA’s’ Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Atlanta is the booth for the NRA Carry Guard initiative, complete with a virtual reality experience that perfectly encapsulates the program’s groundbreaking approach. A promotional video was created to communicate the experience of putting on the…

  • Springfield Armory Saint AR Product Sizzle

    Springfield Armory Saint AR Product Sizzle The legacy lives on The production team spent three weeks in the rugged picturesque hills of Gillette, Wyoming acquiring lifestyle and product cinematography / photography used in both physical and digital environments. The crew filmed nine bold everyday Americans; men and women who choose to seize control of their…

  • Dream Big Again

    Dream Big Again Just dream An inspirational short using a mix of nostalgic themes and iconic visual imagery, we are reminded how powerful the ability to dream and imagine great things can be.

  • MonaVie Energy MVE

    MonaVie Energy MVE Energy to spare Earning credibility in mainstream media from the likes of Fortune Magazine, The Rachael Ray Show and MTV Cribs; MonaVie positioned itself as a global beverage company competing at the same level as other international beverage corporations. After two successful years collaborating with the client marketing team building the motion…

  • Cieaura CX2 “Define Your Edge…”

    Cieaura CX2 Define Your Edge Hyper-Surreal visual CieAura sought a broadcast quality commercial style product launch web video that made a unique first impression and defined the attitude, spirit and vision of their new sports product; CX2. This impression was to appeal to a diverse audience. It had to be cool enough for teens and…

  • ACN Stop and Think

    ACN Stop and Think Frozen in Time After over 20 successful years as an international VideoPhone service leader in 23 countries; ACN expanded it’s home and business product offerings to include [Digital Phone Service, Local & Long Distance, Energy, Wireless, High Speed Internet, Home Security /Automation, Computer Support and Television]. In turn, a new brand…

  • Enlyten My Serve

    Enlyten My Serve Movement and Energy What is that elusive place where mind and body work in perfect sync? Energy so focused that movements seem to flow without conscious effort? Timing crucial to the millisecond and performance is enhanced? But at any time…that edge can be lost. It can be a simple distraction, a miscalculation…

  • MonaVie Branding Reel

    MonaVie Branding Reel Momentum equals success In the words of CEO Dallin Larsen, “I want MonaVie to look like an international beverage company on par with Nestle or Pepsi!”…and that’s just what we set out to do. Earning credibility in mainstream media from the likes of Fortune Magazine, The Rachael Ray Show and MTV Cribs;…

  • House of Sticks Television Commercial Production Company

    Texas Rangers Moonshot

    Texas RangersMoonshot Hit One Here Joey Joey Gallo swings for the fences every time. He’s also capable of hitting a ball out of the ball park. #gorangers – This commercial was made to promote the Joey Gallo Bobblehead.

  • Chris Reeve Knives

    Think TwiceCut Once Chris Reeve Knives Makes arguably the best pocket knife on the planet, this is a short biography of the company and their product. So pleased to have finally finished this piece and kudos to CRK and their amazing project. Extended Version

  • Beats by Dre

    A Tribute toMuhammad Ali Beats by Dre We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to shoot this for Beats right after Muhammad Ali passed. One of greatest boxers in history. Beats by Dre for the Wireless Power Beats headphones. We love the product and the brand. This one turned out great!

  • Vett Effect

    Go FastFaster than fast Chevrolet With the New Z06 Corvette. It might just change everything.