Realistic Expectations

Having the proper expectations about a creative endeavor goes a long way towards making a successful project. Take some time to understand what is really going to happen compared to what you might think.

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Proper expectations are essential

If you decide to make a film or commercial for your Dallas Fort Worth business, then there are lots of different things you need to consider. The DFW area and Texas happen to be blowing up for commercial production. To begin with, however, we need to talk about expectations. There is a big difference between expecting something good and being unrealistic. Here are problems with unrealistic expectations too. They will only lead you to disappointment even when you have something really good.

To start with, set goals, but set goals that you can actually attain. If you can’t reach them, then you won’t be happy with any results you achieve. So, take the time in advance of your video production and determine what your goals will be. Write them down. You need to remember them. Be honest with yourself too. Will you be able to achieve those goals? If not, then it is time to scale back a little. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, though. Remember, any commercial or website is just a tool to help you accomplish your business objectives.

Next, be honest with yourself. Your video should be good. It should definitely be storytelling and it needs to be creative. However, you are not recreating the “Lord of the Rings” here. Peter Jackson is a famous Hollywood director for a reason. You are a business owner and you probably don’t need Frodo and Bilbo to sell your products. It is different and there is nothing wrong with that. Your video production can be good, but it doesn’t have to be an epic. Do your best to not have caviar dreams and Long John Silver’s budget.

Find your niche and use it. You know what you are good at and you know what you can offer your viewers. Use those things to create something awesome in your production. People just want to be entertained anyway, so give it to them.. and then sneak your messaging in there. Subtle-like.

Know how to take baby steps. You don’t have to do everything at once all in one day. Start by writing down your goals and then achieve one goal at a time. This way, you won’t become overwhelmed and you will be able to focus on getting things done. We have an article here that speaks to just that topic.

Finally, consider a collaborative effort. Teamwork matters because you can get help from others, especially when they know more about video production than you, then you can end up with a better production overall. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you can work with House of Sticks. We can assist you in creating professional productions that tell a story for your company. No, it won’t be the “Fellowship of the Ring”, but it will be good for your business (and who needs a three hour epic anyway?). Get started with us, and you will be happy with the results.

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