Simple Tips for Freelancing Successfully

Freelancing can be hard but also really good. We compiled a few tips on how to do it well. Knowledge is power.

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Make the jump or not?

It takes guts to be a “freelancer” in any field. It means you believe in your skills, your unique offering, and your ability to create a business in addition to performing your chosen craft. That is a definite full plate, and it is why many freelancers find it so tough to succeed.

We are going to share a few tips that go beyond the most obvious (i.e. goal setting, learning the markets, etc.) and which can bring you to the next level. (Falcon, 2014). Though some of these seem like obvious tips, they are a lot deeper than you may initially realize, so let’s dive right in and give you the nudge you need to grow your freelance career.

Do Good Work – It is often difficult to realize when you have put doing a good job in the back seat and have turned your attention to acquiring clients or boosting income. If you cannot honestly say that you did your best on every part of the work, you are not going to succeed. Make sure you are doing good work.

Hire Your Weaknesses – If you are not doing good work because you are stretched too thin on the administrative side of things, or even because you are not skilled enough in one area (not all design professionals should be website designers, etc.), then hire to fill the gaps. Yes, it taps into the budget, but it yields premium products, and this sort of teamwork is often going to reflect well on your reputation.

Create a Business Plan – Yes, we hear you; this is something done to death in lists about business success, but here’s the twist with our suggestion: write the plan for you and not the banker. Understand that it is often just money, exposure, and clients that separate you from the bigger fish in the pond. Why can’t you reach the same level? That is something that can be answered in a personalized business plan. Take the time to find your problems, and use the business plan to create a series of solutions to overcome them.

Check Dedication – Are you wholly dedicated to making the enterprise succeed. It takes a lot of drive and dedication. You may find yourself in collaboration, you may need to be more honest or creative, and you may find that the development of your career path is a bit more complicated than you thought.

Read this post about writing a good freelance contract. Make sure you’re not working for free.

Nothing is easy, and that is particularly true for the freelancers. However, now is an excellent time for creatives and other professionals to put themselves into the market and succeed.

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