Southwest Airlines – Machine

This is a beautiful commercial spot. Worth the watch even if you don’t care much about airlines, southwest or branding. Well done all those who were involved.

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This is inspiring

I don’t know if its the perfectly buffed out plane, the new paint job or the mixture of the VO and the music selection. This ad is well done. Beautifully shot and executed. I thought it worth the share.

Here is a quote from an Adage article that explains the creatives behind the final product.

“GSD&M, which has been working with the brand for more than 30 years, led the marketing for the rebrand. Branding firm Lippincott handled the design of plane’s exterior, the in-flight materials, the in-airport look and the logo redesign, Razorfish handled the design of the Southwest microsite. Camelot, Southwest’s longtime media agency, fielded the media.” Adage

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