Speaking Only One Design Language

This article is one we take to heart at House of Sticks. It is a lesson for every creative to grasp, practice and hone, for it is the single thing that separates good creatives from average ones. World-class designers are experts at this.

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I know the title may not be clear but stick with me, its worth it

Every design is essentially a problem. Every problem is asking for an answer. The most clear and effective answers to those questions are to make it speak only one language. The trick is their are multiple effective answers to every design problem.

By saying “one language”, it means that your response to the problem is answering it only one way. Many times creative responses to design problems have a tendency to not be clear enough. The most common way you have probably seen this is in a good movie, that “could have been better”. We’ve all seen them. It doesn’t just have to apply to film making or commercial production, its good business sense as well.

It’s time to take a look back in the past to when you first began your business. Did you have a clear image of what your company was? Did you know how to present your business with only one design language? Most likely not. In fact, in those early days, things might have been very scattered. As a result, people in Dallas and Fort Worth may have had no idea what your business actually was. There is a lesson you can learn from this, and it is something you must remember for your business going forward. An article from entrepreneur magazine has some insight.

You need a brand, and that means using one design language to create a consistent and clear image of what your company actually is. All throughout any marketing endeavors, from brochures to website development, from videos to social media posts, consistency is key.

Here are some tips to help you do this:

  • Always speak in one language with anything directed toward the public. You need to have a concise, accurate design.
  • With each thing you put out there, answer one question or solve one problem. Don’t try to do everything at once. If you make a film, then ensure each video focuses on one thing. This will avoid confusion or overwhelming information.
  • When you have an idea, expand it as much as possible to include everything you can. Then, start cutting out anything that’s just a possibility and not essential. You will be left with a strong idea that will work without your one design language.

If you try to do too many different things, then you will muddy the waters. That means you will confuse the viewers or potential customers and they will be unsure of whether or not they should even do business with you.

Blow out an idea as far as you possibly can and then strip everything else that doesn’t reinforce the purpose you intended

Building your brand and speaking only one design language is a must. This is where House of Sticks comes in. We can work with you on your website development, smartphone apps, and other materials to ensure you are speaking in the right language. We know how to use the best technology to tell your business’ story and we will do so in the most truthful and most dedicated manner possible. When you allow us to work with you, we can help you determine your design language and ensure you are able to stick with it so that the image you convey to others will be the right one for your business. We know why stories matter. You have tried multiple different languages in the past and you know it doesn’t work so it is time to try something consistent.

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