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Like and Dislike vs Good and Bad

Be careful to not get into subjective (like vs dislike) conversations with clients. Keep your discussions about objective principles you can agree on.

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Why Corporate America sucks for Creatives

Are you frustrated with your corporate job as a creative. Don’t give up, readjust your goals and understand your situation. The grass isn’t always greener, other people just might see your work differently than you do.

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Making projects for the good of the team.

Sometimes its a good idea to invest in the team. It can come at a large expense to the company bottom line, but overall, the investment is worth it. In the video production world, coming into the industry at the level you want to be at is key.

Defining Success is Your Job

Knowing what you are ultimately striving for is important if you are to ever reach a goal. Make success attainable, enjoyable and if possible… eternal.

Growing Your Craft Takes Time

Don’t be in such a hurry to get to the finish line. Its a hard lesson to learn, but in all situations the journey to get there provides more benefit than the destination. Remember its all about relationships.

An End to the Fear of Failure

Failure can be a good thing, but at some point if you want to succeed you need to be able to put an end to it and go on the next thing that will scare you.

ASC Masterclass – Day 5

I can not believe its already over. What a great week. Great teaching, knowledge and even better friends made. Thank you ASC.

ASC Masterclass – Day 4

Day 4 was the best day yet. However this perspective was pretty unique. It was philosophical reinforcement for me.

ASC Masterclass – Day 3

Day 3 was long. Lots of education and lots of great insights into Master Cinematographers work.

ASC Masterclass – Day 2

Day 2 did not disappoint. It was very much a hands on opportunity which everyone took advantage of. All day in a sound stage with really expensive professional equipment just making normal stuff look beautiful.

ASC Masterclass 2015

So the American Society of Cinematographers puts on a Masterclass. I was fortunate to have been accepted to the program and attend. I have done my best and will continue to aggregate the immense amount of knowledge of the next few days here.

Time with Dave

I have been on somewhat of an opportunistic streak lately by meeting with older men who have been through a career and have some great advice to offer in hindsight. This time I had less of a one-on-one opportunity but one where I was able to sit in on an interview and glean some great…

The Formula for Success = Preparation + Timing

Defining success is important but knowing how to arrive is a close second. Being prepared for the opportunity is key.

Replacing the Campfire

Story telling is essential to our lives. If you didn’t realize it, you are reading stories all day every day. Paying attention to what people are saying can be eye-opening.

What Leadership Really Means

Good leaders, can make a the difference in failure and success, and in overall enjoyment.

Hire Your Weakness

The second half of an earlier article about working in your talent. Since we don’t have the luxury of freezing time, we need to be able to rely on others to make it work.

Work Your Talent

In order to be efficient, you need know what you’re good at and then have the courage to give what you’re not to someone else.

First things first

Above all things, people matter. We take the stance that we want to care about the things God cares about, so we care about people.