Setting Your Price

A little bit of insight on how to charge what your services are worth. After all we can’t live on dreams alone.

My time with Chuck

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet with a truly brilliant person? I just did.

What Leadership Really Means

Good leaders, can make a the difference in failure and success, and in overall enjoyment.

Hire Your Weakness

The second half of an earlier article about working in your talent. Since we don’t have the luxury of freezing time, we need to be able to rely on others to make it work.

Creatives Working in Corporate America

It may end up being a great means to an end. Its not glamorous but it pays the bills.

Work Your Talent

In order to be efficient, you need know what you’re good at and then have the courage to give what you’re not to someone else.

The Best Things are Never Easy

You have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having – Frank Lloyd Wright

First things first

Above all things, people matter. We take the stance that we want to care about the things God cares about, so we care about people.

Why Pay for Creative?

Just like you are attempting to become the best at what you do for a living, so are creative people. Don’t take lightly their desire to please, aim high and accomplish the impossible. The trick is finding a good one to work with.

Working with Creatives

Creative people are a different kind of people. We think about things differently. We really take pride in our work and have a tendency to get married to what we are making.

Good, Cheap, and Fast – Choose one

Don’t expect to get a masterpiece for $5, and if you do, it probably is going to take 10 years to actually get it.