Beats by Dre

Recently we had the opportunity and the direction to make a commercial spot that looked very national. SO we got the team together to make this.

Video production for Sports Dallas Fort Worth Nike

Nike Football

Texas high school football breeds hard-working dedicated QBs – Most people think NFL guys, pro athletes in general are overpaid… put in the work and lets see if you still think that. Its an elite group – how bad do you want it? Thank you Mr. Davidson. #findgreatness

Comedy 15 sec commercial

Trident Layers Gum

Internet commercial for Trident Layers Gum. This one was super fun to make considering I got to throw packages of gum at my friend for half an hour.

Magnolia Eastern 2

HDR Architecture Photography Magnolia property company has seen tremendous growth in the past 2 years and we have grown with them. This image however has been the most challenging to date. You can see from the before picture, this image was full of wires, light posts and other obstructions. The final image of Magnolia Eastern…

Commercial Fashion Photography


Fashion Photography by Zack Deck. Lifestyle brand fashion photography used for commercial print and digital deliverables. House of Sticks.

House of Sticks automotive commercial video production

Artist v Engineer – Mercedes Benz

After months of hard work, countless edit tweaks and late nights… Finally released into the wild. This is the video we’ve been working on for months with this awesome Mercedes Benz. You’ve seen it on our social channels and many of you have asked, but its finally here and the new C 63 AMG Mercedes…

Live Events

Commercial Photography by Zack Deck of live events coverage for Reach Records summer concert tour featuring Derek Minor.

Patron Tequila video production Dallas House of Sticks

Patron Tequila

A little beauty pouring shots for Patron on spec. These were basically tests to see how super sexy and delicious we could make an inexpensive production look.

Commercial Lifestyle Photography


Lifestyle photography by Zack Deck for limited commercial use and rights managed.

Skateboard photography


Project for a the lifestyle commercial skate photography of all things concrete decks and trucks. RVCA, Etnies, Element, Independent sponsored riders promoting their brands by bringing their talents to the park. We also happen to make fantastic videos.

DFW video production GoPro

Go Pro – Swim Stone Swim

Go Pro cameras are great. They give you the opportunity to make cool stuff in really normal situations, like the first time swimming with out a floaty. Swim Stone, Swim.

Doritos video production contest entry


Crash the Superbowl contest entry. With so many submissions, it hard to stand out, but I think we made a good showing. I had a hard time deciding which version I liked the best so they both made the portfolio. At first I didn’t like the one that won the $1,000,000, but it is pretty…

Commercial video production for Home Depot

Home Depot

Internet commercial highlighting Home Depot’s Soft Spring carpet line, it really is super soft, really soft. They wanted to show a mother and daughter choosing flooring at a time when life was changing… Duh, babies.

Enjoying the Journey

Slow down. Pump the brakes. Smell the roses. It’s the journey that is the fun part.

BTS: Slide Stone Slide

Just in case you cared to see how we made the video of my son using Adobe Premiere Clip, its here.