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  • 10 tips to make better videos

    Hey. You want to make better videos? Us too. Here are some tips we have collected over the years. A few obvious ones and a few new ones.

  • Enjoying the Journey

    Slow down. Pump the brakes. Smell the roses. It’s the journey that is the fun part. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Let’s get first things first We discussed how important it is to slow down in your marketing endeavors and focus on people in this post. Now, you are likely ready to go and excited to begin production…

  • BTS: Slide Stone Slide

    Just in case you cared to see how we made the video of my son using Adobe Premiere Clip, its here. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] When it only snows once #Dowork So if you haven’t seen the video we made during the once a year Texas snow, take a minute and check it out here. For a…