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For the Love of Video: A content marketer’s view ...

Ever wanted to know what a professional content marketer thinks about video and why its important? In this article we will tackle what video is king of the hill.

Corporate event logo animation

Connect Animated Brand

Animated logo for the Connect 2015 Corporate engagement. The event is all about connections obviously, so the animation had to follow suit. After Effects and a bunch of patience. Also included is the opening day video. The format is different because the screen is 3:1 aspect ratio.

Corporate video production DFW House of Sticks


This video was done for TTX, Travel and Technology eXchange as the opening video for the conference. The goal was to create an emotional response for the attendants to understand the importance of having a good partner. The aspect ratio of the screen is 3:1 which accounts for the dual 16:9 videos side by side….

beautiful girl house of sticks houseofsticks creative agency dallas texas

Sabre Dev Studio

Sabre’s Dev Studio is a new opportunity the travel technology company is offering to developers to use their information in the form of APIs. This video was intended to be used to show the possibilities of connecting people through the use of Sabre APIs and all the creative way you can use the data.

Technology video for mobile applications

Sabre Red Mobile Workspace

Sabre Travel Network needed a video to highlight their new iOS application Sabre Red Mobile Workspace. SRMW is an app that allows travel agents to make and manage bookings from an iPad. The creative direction was to show an agent working in multiple locations throughout the day with disturbance in productivity. Filmed in one afternoon.

Enjoying the Journey

Slow down. Pump the brakes. Smell the roses. It’s the journey that is the fun part.

Creatives Working in Corporate America

It may end up being a great means to an end. Its not glamorous but it pays the bills.