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  • A lesson about post production

    Editing and coloring and stuff When I am not working on a shoot, I usually work with the post production team editing videos. It has been really neat to see how a production company edits efficiently and effectively. Although each person may edit the same content a bit differently, based on their eye, the principles…

  • Rhino laying down

    Creating a creative identity

    Your business needs an identity. Just like a person, you need to know where you are to know where you’re headed. This article will take a look at our creative agency in Dallas in hopes of offering some insight into the foundational principals of marketing.

  • Trust and video production

    We’re looking for video production partners

    In order to make a good video we really need to work with good partners. Good partners trust both ways. This article is about being a good partner in order to make an awesome video.

  • Lets make better design with house of sticks

    Like and Dislike vs Good and Bad

    Be careful to not get into subjective (like vs dislike) conversations with clients. Keep your discussions about objective principles you can agree on.

  • Creatives: To Go to School or Not

    Its a topic that is gaining a lot of momentum and its because school is so very expensive.

  • Creativity With Boundaries

    The best ideas never come from possibilities they come from constraints. Its creative thinking at is height. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Boundaries are essential to producing good work In a remarkably dry and technical study about modern marketing, the authors considered established products and the kind of imaginative marketing it required to ensure that they stood apart…

  • Designing for mobile

    Designing for One Eye and One Thumb

    Weird title for a good reason. So many people are on mobile devices you have half of their attention and they need to reach you with a click of a thumb. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] A modern design approach for a modern era Did you know that the average attention span is about eight seconds? In other…

  • Finding Collaboration and Teamwork

    Being on the right team is going to be your best way forward. Finding the team that is going to offer the best symbiotic relationship is a different story. Even the Lone Ranger has Tonto We hear people described as “self-made”, but that is an utterly ridiculous claim. For one thing it dismisses the simple…

  • Just Make Something

    The most common advice we hear (and give) on how to start making a project or start doing what you want is to just start. Easy as that. Just do it. Go and make something. The result of dreams without work is zero. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Start right now Playing it safe. Those are some of…

  • Keep On Keeping On

    The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, but you have to make sure the rest of the steps happen to make sure you get there. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Perseverance as a Key to Success The late musical star Michael Jackson had a hit tune that included the lyrics, “Don’t stop ‘til you get…

  • God Given Gifts Should be Used

    You were given them for a reason. Use your gifts. Chances are you are the only one with your combination of talents. Do something with it. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] You have the gifts for a reason We are each the recipient of God given gifts. That friend who has the most amazing garden or the relative…

  • Making Something Different

    Its been said that “there is nothing new under the sun”. Its true everything is a twist on an old idea, but its the quality of the twist that matters. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Creativity is just stealing another idea and twisting it. One of the best bits of advice in business and life is to, “Do…