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    Like and Dislike vs Good and Bad

    Be careful to not get into subjective (like vs dislike) conversations with clients. Keep your discussions about objective principles you can agree on.

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    Why Corporate America sucks for Creatives

    Are you frustrated with your corporate job as a creative. Don’t give up, readjust your goals and understand your situation. The grass isn’t always greener, other people just might see your work differently than you do.

  • Creatives: To Go to School or Not

    Its a topic that is gaining a lot of momentum and its because school is so very expensive.

  • Creativity With Boundaries

    The best ideas never come from possibilities they come from constraints. Its creative thinking at is height. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Boundaries are essential to producing good work In a remarkably dry and technical study about modern marketing, the authors considered established products and the kind of imaginative marketing it required to ensure that they stood apart…

  • Designing for mobile

    Designing for One Eye and One Thumb

    Weird title for a good reason. So many people are on mobile devices you have half of their attention and they need to reach you with a click of a thumb. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] A modern design approach for a modern era Did you know that the average attention span is about eight seconds? In other…

  • Know Why Stories Matter

    We all love stories. We were made for stories. We think in story. Why do stories resonate with us so intensely? [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Stories matter …and Why Your Audience Cares Have you ever listened to someone telling a story, and found yourself leaning in closer to be sure you don’t miss a word of what…

  • Speaking Only One Design Language

    This article is one we take to heart at House of Sticks. It is a lesson for every creative to grasp, practice and hone, for it is the single thing that separates good creatives from average ones. World-class designers are experts at this. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] I know the title may not be clear but stick…

  • Why Pay for Creative?

    Just like you are attempting to become the best at what you do for a living, so are creative people. Don’t take lightly their desire to please, aim high and accomplish the impossible. The trick is finding a good one to work with. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Paying for creative work could be the only way forward….

  • Making a Creative Space

    Don’t settle for a cubicle. Make your space into a haven for film making, video production, branding, anything creative. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Creative space matters How to get the most out of where you spend the most of your time. No matter in what business or industry you are currently working, you have to allow yourself…