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  • Corporate Video: A Learning Experience

    This past week, I helped in the filming of a Coldwell Banker training video and learned a TON.

  • Just Make Something

    The most common advice we hear (and give) on how to start making a project or start doing what you want is to just start. Easy as that. Just do it. Go and make something. The result of dreams without work is zero. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Start right now Playing it safe. Those are some of…

  • Simple Tips for Freelancing Successfully

    Freelancing can be hard but also really good. We compiled a few tips on how to do it well. Knowledge is power. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Make the jump or not? It takes guts to be a “freelancer” in any field. It means you believe in your skills, your unique offering, and your ability to create a…