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  • Why does that cost so much

    Why does video production cost so much?

    If you are wondering why video production costs so much, heres an article for you.

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    Why Corporate America sucks for Creatives

    Are you frustrated with your corporate job as a creative. Don’t give up, readjust your goals and understand your situation. The grass isn’t always greener, other people just might see your work differently than you do.

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    Making Money Making Video

    Video is hot. Everyone wants one. Everyone can make one. Not everyone can be in the business of making videos. Here are some tips on how to make a business out of making videos.

  • Follow Your Heart

    You have a heart for a reason. Following it can be a good thing if its in line with your passions… your gut instinct. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] You probably already follow your heart anyway We have all heard the phrase, “life is short,” or the more accurate version, “Life is too short”. It is a summary…

  • Realities of Running a Business

    Creatives are typically very good at being creative and very bad at running a business. Here are some good tips on how to stay on top of what keeps you employed. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Focus Growing an audience Whether your business is already up and running, or you are just finalizing the details with your first…

  • No Regrets!

    Live your life in such a way that when your working days are over, you won’t look back and say “I wish I had…” Work hard at all the right things. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Spend time on the things that matter most Robert Redford once said “I have no regrets, because I’ve done everything I could…

  • Making a Business Plan

    A solid business plan is more than just a means to go to a bank and try to get a loan. A good business plan forces you to think through your endeavor and do a little planning. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Don’t make it for the bank, make it for you A business plan. This is often…

  • Taking on Debt

    A simple few suggestions about when to take on debt and When to Avoid It. Know whats up. Video production is expensive. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] The good the bad and the ugly Debt…we all cringe at the thought of carrying it, but when you are growing a business or working as a freelancer it can be a…

  • The Secret to Making a Project

    Whatever you do don’t be afraid to fail. Use it as a catalyst to drive you forward. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Failure needs to be cheap Fear is such a bummer. It is a force that holds us back and prevents us from realizing so much of our own, individual potential. Think about it for one moment…

  • Setting Your Price

    A little bit of insight on how to charge what your services are worth. After all we can’t live on dreams alone. Make some money Freelance workers or business owners looking to take things forward face one major challenge: setting their price. It is very difficult to put a price on your work or services…

  • Creatives Working in Corporate America

    It may end up being a great means to an end. Its not glamorous but it pays the bills. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Dallas Texas is full of big corporations. Take advantage. It could be good for you. Many people feel that working in a corporate setting may prevent them from achieving goals. After all, the corporate…

  • Why Pay for Creative?

    Just like you are attempting to become the best at what you do for a living, so are creative people. Don’t take lightly their desire to please, aim high and accomplish the impossible. The trick is finding a good one to work with. [eightcolumns class=”centered”] Paying for creative work could be the only way forward….