Adam Dietrich


You may have seen Adam spinning plates or juggling hats, or juggling hats on spinning plates. Over two decades, Adam has produced everything from stage shows to major motion pictures, branded content to national broadcast spots. He loves the creative process, helping to realize clients goals and directors visions, and helping make every set the best set yet.

It’s relationships

Having worked in the film production world for…ever, Adam knows A LOT of people. And, they always seem to be the people we really need to know. I guess that’s what good producers do. There’s always a joke that we can’t get a hold of him because he’s working his other job. It’s true. There’s always a plate spinning somewhere and he can handle it like few can. Once you get past the front door, chances are Adam will be the one who is walking you down the hallway and holding your hand until the cameras stop rolling… and then again if it hits the fan. If you need a project to come in on budget, Adam’s got it.

  • House of Sticks Television Commercial Production Company

    Texas Rangers Moonshot

    Commercial HoS produced Video

  • Vett Effect

    Commercial HoS produced Video

  • TX Whiskey

    Commercial HoS produced Video