Scott Stickane


A big guy with a big vision. The monkey wrangler, composer, problem solver extraordinaire. If directors tend to be jacks of all trades, Scott is an ace. He has an uncanny ability to take complicated ideas and boil them down to the most simple parts so they can be easily communicated. He acts as an inspirational force behind the principles that make House of Sticks what it is. In the end, everything is his fault.

It’s about vision

Scott didn’t come up in the film production world. He has a formal training as an architect which explains his ability to easily take up anything creative. He draws his own storyboards and loves color. He played football in college which might explain why everything he makes tends to have a raw, overachieving underdog spirit to it. It’s easy to see his intensity and craft in each frame. Give him something to get excited about and it will turn out better than you imagined.

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    Texas Rangers Moonshot

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  • Chris Reeve Knives

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  • Beats by Dre

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  • Vett Effect

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  • TX Whiskey

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  • Patrón Tequila

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    Sabre UX

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    Mercedes Benz

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    Sewell Trucks

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    Boys Scouts of America

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    Magnolia Property Company

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  • Trident Layers Gum

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  • Nike Football

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  • True Hospitality

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He writes too.

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    Editing and coloring and stuff When I am not working on a shoot, I usually work with the post production team editing videos. It has been really neat to see how a production company edits efficiently and effectively. Although each person may edit the same content a bit differently, based on their eye, the principles…

  • A Lesson in Making Budgets

    Its not all about money not completely at least The Executive Producer at House of Sticks told me that they usually make a project budget based on 3 questions: Do I want to work with them in the future? House of Sticks sees that it would be worth making less money if they were to…

  • Relationship Lessons

    Its true, its literally is who you know. I have learned a ton as an intern at House of Sticks and this one is really important. Grow your relationships just like you grow your reel.