Shance Ryan Brentham

Jack of All Trades

On a film set, there are many jobs that need to be done, Shance has done them all and happens to be good at most of them. We like to surround ourselves with good attitudes in stressful situations and Shance is no exception to that rule.

Curly but burly

Don’t let looks deceive you, Shance has a lighter side. “You’re kidding” you say, I never would have guessed that from the picture. Seriously though, Shance can do lots of stuff most normal people can’t. Not only is he a super talented with a camera, he can also put together a fantastic music score and is a pretty well accomplished actor. So when the camera gets turned his way, he has not trouble turning it on. There’s a good chance that Shance has something to do with most video projects.

  • TX Whiskey


  • The Vett Effect


  • House of Sticks Magnolia Brand Film

    Magnolia Brand Film


  • House of Sticks automotive commercial video production

    Artist v Engineer – Mercedes Benz


  • Patron Tequila video production Dallas House of Sticks

    Patron Tequila