The Creative Process as Basic Problem Solving

Most people think of the creative process as just making things pretty but when you take a closer look you find its really just basic problem solving.

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Work it out.

Did you know that every business exists to solve a problem? That is a fundamental and essential perspective that you must keep in mind when you are looking to grow your existing business in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas. Your business, at the end of the day, is offering a solution to some sort of problem or problems. Ours happens to be making tools for people to solve their marketing or entertainment problems, usually to drive traffic and increase sales. Go figure. We just happen to solve those problems in video and website development.

Even scientific experts agree, and in a Bowling Green State University study, they say, “Marketing may be conceptualized as the process of offering creative solutions to consumer problems.” (Titus, 2013) This means that the key to using your creativity to grow your business is to use your creative process as problem solving.

For example, if you look at the science of problem solving, you would see a very ordered chain of events:

  • You discover a problem.
  • You make sure you understand it.
  • You contemplate this problem.
  • You gather potential solutions.
  • You study or examine each solution.
  • You test the solutions you deem best.
  • You find the right solution.

Now, that is standard problem solving and it can be used in science, business or just about anything else. However, if you want to make it creative problem solving; the kind that helps you to grow a business, you would have to add the two following steps:

  • You seek to somehow make the solution better.
  • You present your solution to your market as a product, service, or marketing message.

In this way, you show that your products or services are based on inspiring solutions that are the end result of a high quality thought process. This is actually an approach that is the essence of success because it combines outside of the box thinking within the limitations of actual problem resolution.

As simple as it looks on paper, though, it is not so simple in the real world. After all, if your business is already a success and growing, what problems are left to solve? The creative process would still work well in identifying and answering consumer “problems”, but you would need an optimal way to convey your solutions. We want to help make the solutions beautiful and useful.

This is why a strong creative process also recognizes the benefits of teamwork. For instance, a modern way of offering a solution to a problem is through a website. Here you use storytelling to show how your solution is ideal, or to suggest your product or services as a solution to many different problems. It is complicated, but a high quality production team in Texas can help you to share your solutions through website development, inspiring design, and collaboration. Teamwork should be the final step in the creative problem solving process!

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