The Secret to Making a Project

Whatever you do don’t be afraid to fail. Use it as a catalyst to drive you forward.

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Failure needs to be cheap

Fear is such a bummer. It is a force that holds us back and prevents us from realizing so much of our own, individual potential. Think about it for one moment and you will realize that it is fear of failure that keeps so many would-be success stories from ever seeing the light of day.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking this applies purely to the business world. It applies to almost every facet of life. People are afraid to fail at their art or creative endeavors, they fear criticism or negative response, and so they keep their work locked away. The one thing they have passion about, and which means they have natural talent in, and it remains out of sight.

Did you know that this is why Emily Dickinson’s work never saw the light of day until long after her death? She was humble and shy and did not have any faith in the quality and strength of her poetry. (James, 2010) History is full of these types of stories. Do you want to be one of them?

Of course not. So, you have to use the first “secret” in making a project – don’t be afraid to fail.

Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t fail. However, what’s so bad about failure? The creative person looks at it as a chance to learn something about themselves or the work they do. So, take a shot… Who cares? Art is subjective anyway, right?

What if your project is not artistic? What if it is a business you want to start? Well, the same rules apply. You will have a few organizational steps to take, which is a form of creation, and then you’ll have to go for it. Just as you would pour your heart and soul into an artwork, video, or other production, so too you must use the same passion at business development.

There is that old saying about the journey of 1000 miles starting with a single step, and though it has been used to excess, it is no less true. You have to make the honest start. A simple show of dedication to your project is often all you’ll need to keep moving forward. Its not really difficult to get into video production, to do it well is another story. At the end of the day though, we make videos and we do it because its fun. Really expensive fun.

What about teamwork? Is that a good way to get something done? Of course, a project may be a collaboration if that suits your needs. People can be very inspiring for one another, but if your project is something that you’ll have to do on your own, that’s okay. Do it for yourself and enjoy the pleasure of accomplishing what you set out to do.

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