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House of Sticks

HOUSE OF STICKS (House-of-Sticks) is here to make you more money, boost your conversions, and make you look good in front of your customers. We provide professional marketing materials such as videos, websites, ads, entire campaigns and consulting. You get a full-service digital marketing department. Our team can take care of all the marketing and creative services for executives and business owners too busy and spread thin — or too lost and confused about what to do — to focus on the valuable marketing activities they need to bring in more clients, sell more and show who they are to their customers.
Some of our clients have great ideas but don’t have the resources in-house to create the videos, designs and sales letters they need. Other clients don’t know what they need to do and are overwhelmed by all the information out there. They typically have a team of people working for them, but not a group with the advanced training in marketing strategies and the creative software required to pull off the ideas. That’s where we step in. So take a step behind the scenes.

Who we are

We are storytellers and we make really good stories. Why do you think none of us became doctors or lawyers. All of us have invested our lives in capturing and retelling the stories around us. Stories bring all sorts of emotions and since you are reading this, we hope you’re looking for someone to help. Our passion and goal is to make your brand story sing the song you want the world to hear.

We tell stories with websites, videos, fancy copyrighting, eye-catching graphic design. If you don’t know what your story is we can help you find it. If you want to see some of our favorite stories check them out here in our video portfolio. Or take a look at the services page to see if one of our other offerings meets your needs. We also take lots of behind the scenes pictures on our social channels. Take a look at the video below. Its a good example how we can take an interesting topic, add some beautiful images and a good concept to produce an exceptional story.

Behind the Scenes

We love what we do and we bring that passion to make you look good too. Get out from behind the scenes and step into the light with House of Sticks video production.

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