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Marketing is hard

You’re constantly looking for new ways to get the right message to the right customer at the right time. Plus you have the pressure to do it in a creative way. Technologies, channels, trends, tools — everything keeps changing.

Maybe you’ve experienced this:

You have a business to run. Ideas to spread to the world. Great products to put into the lives of people. But when you’re forced to choose between running your business and promoting your business, it’s easy to focus on what you’re good at.

You have a business to run. Shouldn’t a great product sell itself?

Who has the time or expertise to try to create videos and websites that make prospects excited … write copy that jazzes people up and convinces them to do something … or dream up ideas to extend the reach of your products and ideas to people all over the country — or the world?

That’s where we come in.

Buying an expensive camera doesn’t make you a great photographer with the eye for a perfect moment and the skills to touch up the picture afterward. Finding a radio, television, film major who can put a video together for you doesn’t mean that video contains classic storytelling principles and expert editing that are the hallmark of premium brands.

We’re creatives from Dallas, Texas who love our art. But more importantly, we know that our art is what sells your business.

We don’t dally in creativity. We make marketing materials for you to make money. We’re not interested in abstractions that live in museums.

what propels us to boost your business

House of Sticks rocket fuel

House of Sticks started with me, Scott. I began my career in architecture. To me, it’s the height of artistic degrees, combining graphic design, space planning, interior design, etc.

After the big real estate bust, I found myself in corporate jobs doing creative work. That’s where I learned something valuable as an in-house creative:

Most large corporations don’t care about creativity. They check the box. Marketing is a necessary evil, and one they don’t particularly care to entertain.

The individuals creating the work care. But the ones who need it done, who approve the work, who maintain the budgets — they typically aren’t as excited.

Burnout settled in fast. I created videos for people who didn’t want good videos.

So I decided to go outside my company and find the clients who share my passion: great art that’s great for business. I wanted to take the burden off of businesses.

And after coming from the inside, I know what executives are looking for. How approvals go. The nature of committees. It’s given me a leg up. I’m not just an artist. I’m a creative business person.

A good problem happened as I started helping other businesses: too many people wanted the help. So I recruited other creatives who shared my passion.

I only work with others who are fantastic at what they do and love what they do. All the energy that goes into a client’s project is exactly what that creative likes to do. (Most of us share the identical corporate burnout story.) I’ve seen too many in-house jobs where people can’t stand the work they do, and that frustration (or apathy) shows in the work.

Passion makes for better projects, happier creatives, and happier clients. Everyone wins. Now that’s creative professionalism.

What we do

Now we’re big enough to offer a full-service marketing department to business or who are too busy, spread too thin, or too confused about where to start.

We make you look good for your customers, making you more money and growing your business in the process. And it’s all through videos, ads, apps, campaign design, and consulting.

Basically we have two divisions with a common foundation:

  • Video production
  • Programming. Think apps, software creation, and web design and development

Under all of it we have a foundation of content creation plus graphic and visual design.

Everything we create is based on:

  • sound strategies
  • words designed to propel your prospects
  • design that makes user experiences easy, fun, and enjoyable.

Get the skinny on each area we focus on in its dedicated page.

Or better yet, tell us your thoughts and problems, and we’ll tell you specifically how we can help. Let’s talk.


How House of Sticks creates sticky impressions

We’ve worked with all size businesses. From multi-billion-dollar global powerhouses to fledgling one-man operations.

Every business has a story. Not just one — lots of stories. Those stories are what sell you. They connect you to your customers. They grow your business.

We tell those stories with websites, videos, copywriting, and design.

But don’t worry: you don’t have to know your story. Most people don’t.

We can help you find it.

That’s what great storytellers do. The magic isn’t just in the telling of the story — it’s in recognizing and coaxing out a good story.

Check out some of the stories we’ve told in the video below. And while you’re watching, imagine what your story might look like. We can make that happen.

Not everyone is into video creation. We get it.

Check out our services page for other storytelling vehicles.

No matter what you need, we’ll make your story compelling. Beautiful. Exciting.

Every story starts somewhere. Let’s start our origin story of working together now.

explore my story

Check it out

This is how we work

Have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes during a video shoot?

It’s an exciting experience for all of our first-time clients. It’s an exciting experience even if you’ve done it a dozen times!

We capture lots of these moments and share them on our social channels. (May I recommend Instagram?)

Check out the fun going on. And again, imagine what it would be like for you.

Here’s how you can work alongside us

how we give back to the community

I told you earlier that we believe everyone has a story. (Well, lots of stories.) One of the most important stories people have is the one about their careers.

The beginning of that career story is most interesting to us.

Are you a creative who wants to understand how to use your talents for big business results? Are you trying to figure out what this career path looks like? Know someone else who is?

At House of Sticks, we help you do just that: show you what it looks like to use creative talents to solve business problems.

Big business problems equal big bucks lost for big companies. What we see too often is that if you’re labeled a “creative” you think you have to be a starving artist, or that you don’t have anything to offer the big bad corporate world.

Not true.

You’re special. And you have skills that businesses can’t survive without.

Let us show you how with a House of Sticks internship.

Most of our interns come from the metroplex around Dallas, Texas. It’s our way of giving back to the community. But you don’t have to be local. Many creatives work remotely anyway. We’d love to show you how.

If you’d like to learn to use creative powers in a way that’ll set you up for a lucrative and fulfilling career — not to mention gathering some crazy good portfolio pieces and mean chops — merge your story with ours. Apply for an internship.

We want to help you realize your passion. Whether you’re interested in video, photography, app development, writing, graphic design, web design, or any of the sub-pieces within those categories, we can help you, and you can help us.

The Sticks of

House of Sticks

Speaking of stories, everyone on our team has a story too.

We have many talented contributors to House of Sticks. Meet each of the core members on our team page.

You must be impressed

Not often do we get people reading this far down. Glad you made it!

Let’s get in touch. I promise we’re not scary. (Since you’ve read this far, you should know that too!)

Call us at 214.444.3344. Heck, text us.

If the phone is too intimidating at first, just send us an email.

We’d love to make an impression on you.

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