Web Designer

Dominating the internet one pixel at a time

Web Design isn’t really what it used to be. The line between Design and Development is really blurring due to the expansion of design tools and the ease of HTML5. All of our web designers started as graphic designers so page layouts, beautiful fonts and complementary design elements are second nature. All that to say, the web is awesome and its easier and easier to make beautiful pages that will set your project apart from the rest. Want to see our work, click here.

Mobile First Design

What's that mean? It means 70% of all web traffic now happens via a mobile device so that majority of people that will view your website will see it on a screen the size of your hand. House of Sticks designs web pages to be beautiful on a phone screen and then we make layout for desktops.

  • Printing and Manufacturing web design

    Orora Visual

    Quick turn project with only 2 weeks from completion of the contract until the final site was due, this project was a killer effort all the way around. Matching the parent company brand with the new functionality of the website posed an interested combination of challenges. As usual we got the project done on time….

  • Construction Company website design

    Z Constructors

    We can really dominate a construction company website design since we all have some sort of background in construction. This website was a combined effort to make the company more equitable for client lead generation. Since the construction would is run on relationship, its vitally important to show who has done what and in this…

  • Clinical Trial web design by House of Sticks

    Cardinal Trial

    Web Design project for clinical drug trial. Clinical Trial web design is a great opportunity to be creative with design since the website is essentially a short term use project. Most clinical trials have a short shelf life, but the data captured will be essential to continuing future studies.