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We make beautiful videos

If House of Sticks were a person, we would have majored in video production. We got our start making films for companies and expanded to into other areas to meet our customers needs. Our ability to tell visual stories is only matched by high end firms in Los Angeles and New York. We work with the industries best talent to make the videos that are on point with any major Hollywood production. The sky is the limit with video production. Our video production company is fantastic at finding the heart of the story and creating visuals to match. We use the world’s best camera systems and if we need to unionize we can. Just check out some of our work. It speaks for itself.

  • Mobile App Development to buy and sell your car by House of Sticks

    Buy and Sell App

  • Stage 3 pharmaceutical trial study mobile app development by House of Sticks

    Drug Trial App

    Mobile App Development with specific use case scenarios are especially fun since there is a tremendous opportunity to make the experience simple and powerful. In this case with a Drug Trial app, the app was developed for patients in a study in order to help them navigate the treatment cycles, physician appointments as well as…

  • Church bible reading plan mobile app development House of Sticks

    CATC Reading Plan App

    Church at the Cross commissioned a Bible reading plan app to replace the expense of the printing individual forms for the church to use. This tool was specifically developed with the NASB translation team and their version of the scripture. UX design for this project important as the age group using the app would be…

  • UX design physician mobile app house of sticks

    Clinical Physician App

    Stage 3 clinical trial for a pharmaceutical drug for an acute kidney disorder was a UX Design challenge. This mobile app was developed in order to help physicians in the study to keep organized with patient data and milestones. Critical to the success of any mobile app is the ability to have a user in…

  • Mobile app development by house of sticks

    Bible Story App

    This mobile application was created with the intention to replace the existing solar powered MP3 players people in developing countries. Believe it or not even the most rural people in the world have Android phones. This tool is used a solution to get Bible stories to those people.

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