A bit about Pricing

Cost information is usually a mystery. Sure, you might get an itemized invoice.
But how do you know what goes into each of the items?
How do you know what it’s worth?
Do you want a closer look in our pricing?

This page will help you figure out how we price our projects.

Pricing as clear as a Master PrimeWe want you to know what you're paying for


The information here isn't always a hard and fast rule. Pricing is always and should always be specific to the project. This information is intended to be general guidelines. 

There are 2 versions for pricing information on this page:

  1. The short version for the casually curious
  2. The long version for those who like to see how the sausage is made

The simple approach Here’s how every project begins

First we take a look at three things.

  1. How complicated is the script?
  2. How many days will we need to shoot it?
  3. What are the specific deliverables?

Everyone in the video production world works off of a day rate. Everyone is a freelancer. The first thing we need to know is how many people we need (talent and crew), and what special equipment we will need (lighting, cameras, props etc.) This is done in a script breakdown. Its the process of going through a script and figuring out what elements are needed, line by line. Some of them are super obvious, some of them need someone with experience to find.

Next we need to know how many days it will take to shoot all the material we need for post-production. Dialogue can go pretty quickly. Some really complicated scenes can take a full day. We have to include time to setup and tear down as well.

Finally, we take a look at the amount of time it will take to edit, produce sound and color the footage to make it look awesome. We have spent all the effort up to this point collecting the raw materials to make into the final product. Again, its a level of effort equation. Time x Rate.

Simple Math

Now we simply add it all up in a spreadsheet.
(People and Equipment) x (Number of days) + (Post-production), + (Fee) = Total Cost

More specifically Our approach

Sausage Making

We find our value comes in answering the real question thats being asked. Many times people get certain outputs in mind when they should be thinking about specific outcomes.

The specific outcomes are called "SUCCESS DRIVERS". Basically, what does success look like for this project. Every project is a problem that needs answered. If we can fully understand the problem the proper outcome will determine the proper outputs.

For example, do you know how many clients have come to us asking for a newsletter? Now think about how many people actually wake up in the morning and say to themselves: “You know what I could use today? Another newsletter!” Sure, that might be exactly what you need. But first we make sure.

After the definition of the "what", we figure out the scope.

What’s it going to take to Solve the problem?

We look at it from every angle. And since our team based primarily in Dallas, Texas has been doing this so long, we have a great collective source of information. We know what it’ll take.

In summary, we figure out exactly what the root of the issue is, so we attack the problem in the most effective way. Then we look at what that’ll take (again, in the most efficient, effective way), and put that into our proposal.


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Want more details?

Great! Come along for the ride.

Why do videos cost so much?

We hear this a lot. All. The. Time. A related question: “We’d like a video. Our budget is $2,000.”

Here’s our question: “Where in the world do those numbers come from?”

If you hire House of Sticks for a video, you get top-notch, professional quality. You get the full force of ideas from conversion-focused individuals and feature-film-style execution. You probably paid more for your kid's wedding photos. Now, you want a professional video from a specialized company?

Quickly, this is what goes into it:

  •  Ideas from experienced individuals (who know everything possible in the film world) focused on solving your problem in exactly the style that matches your brand and business goals.
  • Script written from conversion-focused copywriters
  • Industry producers finding talent and locations that match your dreams
  • Hiring Texas' best talent for behind the scenes stuff or social engagement
  • Renting $500k worth of equipment
  • Pressing record
  • Editing, creating sound, color and finishing

Bottom line

We just want you to be comfortable with choosing a production partner.

We love what we do and we are good at it. We want you to love what you get and not have any surprises in the end. Don't believe us start your project and test it out. At least get an estimate. They're free.