Pricing as clear as a Carl Zeiss lens

Cost information is usually a mystery.

Sure, you might get an itemized invoice.

But how do you know what goes into each of the items? How do you know what it’s worth?

Do you want a closer look?

At House of Sticks, we want you to know what you pay for.

You’ll get two versions here:

  1. The short version for the casually curious (you shouldn’t have to read a novel just to know what you’re paying for)
  2. The long version for those who like to see how the sausage is made (if “sausage” is actually creative artistry that puts money in your bank like Mario bumping his head on a never-ending coin box)

Here’s how every project begins

First we take a look at two things.

  1. What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. What problem are you trying to solve?

Seems like the same thing, right?

They can be the same. But they’re usually different. And the difference normally comes as a surprise.

Clients often come to us telling us what they need. After a little probing, we get to the root of the issue: the problem. That’s how we get the best solution for you: we partner with you as professionals to learn what it is you really need — then come up with creative, elegant, effective solutions.

Our approach

People get certain outputs in mind when they should be thinking about outcomes.

For example, do you know how many clients have come to us asking for a newsletter? Now think about how many people actually wake up in the morning and say to themselves: “You know what I could use today? Another newsletter!”

It works for anything: logo, video, blog content, mobile app. Sure, that might be exactly what you need. But first we make sure.

After the definition of the "what", we figure out the scope.

What’s it going to take to solve the problem?

We look at it from every angle. And since our team based primarily in Dallas, Texas has been doing this so long, we have a great collective source of information. We know what it’ll take.

The next step is… well, that’s the end. The end of the short version at least.

In summary, we figure out exactly what the root of the issue is, so we attack the problem in the most effective way. We don’t want it to grow back. Then we look at what that’ll take (again, in the most efficient, effective way), and put that into our proposal.

Our services

Want more details?

Great! Welcome, fellow nerd! Come along for the ride.

Let’s break down each of the major areas, starting with where we get the most questions.

Why do videos cost so much?

We hear this a lot. All. The. Time.

A related question: “We’d like a video. Our budget is $2,000.”

Here’s our question: “Where in the world do those numbers come from?”

If you hire House of Sticks for a video, you get top-notch, professional quality. You get the full force of ideas from conversion-focused individuals and feature-film-style execution. You probably paid more for your kid's wedding photos. Now, you want a professional video from a specialized company?

Quickly, this is what goes into it:

  •  Ideas from experienced individuals (who know everything possible in the film world) focused on solving your problem in exactly the style that matches your brand and business goals.
  • Script written from conversion-focused copywriters
  • Industry producers finding talent and locations that match your dreams
  • Hiring Texas' best talent for behind the scenes stuff
  • Renting $250k worth of equipment
  • Pressing record
  • Editing, creating sound, color and finishing

A similar process is the same for mobile app development.

  • Ideas
  • Drawings from fantastically talented artists
  • Mockups in our favorite raster based pixel pushing software
  • Programming (1s and 0s)
  • Delivery to the App Store

Bottom line

We just want you to be comfortable with choosing a production partner.

We love what we do and we are good at it. We want you to love what you get and not have any surprises in the end.