What is a video production company?

This is a Video Production Company

We run into Dallas based businesses often who aren’t sure what a video production company is. In simple terms, the video production company is the group or organization that actually makes the video. It sounds strange, but typically the professional company the client interacts with may not be the company creating the videos. Most of the time, the capabilities of a corporate marketing group aren’t focused on providing high-quality commercials. The majority of media you see online today is created by individuals who plan, film and edit all their own material. Video production companies are made up of professionals who are highly specialized in specific aspects of film making. As a startup, diversity and specialization allowed us to do things at an extremely high level of quality, which we continue today. In Dallas Texas, the services most media professionals offer are geared towards corporate marketing or training, specializing in full service digital videos. House of Sticks offers more high-end production value leaning towards brand films and broadcast quality productions that would typically be found in Hollywood.

Dallas and teamwork in video production

At the level of quality we like to produce, it is always the work of a group of talented professionals working together to make the final product. You can only imagine the level of effort that goes into producing a full length feature film. Certainly it would be inconceivable for Tom Cruise to create a film like Top Gun on his own. It would be nearly impossible for one individual to write the dialogue for every character, create the wardrobe and sets, coordinate other actors, purchase plane tickets, feed and house every one, act in, record and edit the entire film. Typically each one of these items is handled by a small group of people that are hired by the production company. Making a video at a high quality level is more like building a house than pressing the record button.

Dallas video production and Skate photography

Studio vs. Production Company

In Dallas, as with any location or project, the people involved want to put their signature on the jobs they do. Its no different with feature films. If you’re interested to pay attention, the production company logo can typically be seen at the beginning of any film or dramatic TV series after the Studio logo. To be clear, the studio is different than the production company. Studios don’t make videos, they hire companies, a video production company, to shoot the show for and see it all the way through post. Its exactly the same with commercials. The studio is not MGM, or Universal, or Paramount, but its the ad agency who is responsible for the client relationship. Wieden + Kennedy, BBDO, Leo Burnett are industry titans of the advertising world. None of them actually create video content. They are not a business who specializes in media productions, they create ideas. They hire equally large and talented video production companies who professionally focus to produce their TV broadcast ideas and then mark up the price as a fee. Obviously, no one will ever see the logo of the agency or production company in any commercial, but understand it works exactly the same way you just have to know who the players are and their location.

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Direct to the services source

In recent years, there has been a large shift away from clients working with ad agencies and instead going directly to the production company. Why? Because it cuts out the middle man. This way the client can work directly with the business that provides the professional media videography needed to make successful marketing videos. Remember the “fee” the ad agencies tack on top of the work done. In some cases this can be a very large sum of money when its typically a percentage of the total spend. We aren’t talking thousands of dollars but hundreds of thousands to create truly great videos and media. Its not unheard of to have 6 figure budgets for these productions. As a client, going directly to the media production company allows that budget to go much further or to reach different market segments with media buys. House of Sticks and Dallas Video Production, has found some really good success with offering corporate marketing groups professional video capabilities the internal marketing business isn’t focused on or capable to pull off. Below is some of the latest video advertisements we have created.

  • Chris Reeve Knives

    Chris Reeve Knives makes arguably the best pocket knife on the planet, this is a short biography of the company and their product. So pleased to have finally finished this piece and kudos to CRK and their amazing project.

  • TX Whiskey

    Yo. This one is hot. Literally. TX Whiskey is one of those brands that has come on strong since the explosion of the local distillery. Located in Fort Worth, they make a high quality product that is highly desirable… get it. We hope you like it.

  • The Vett Effect

    Here is a short video we did with a friend’s Corvette. We had the office space, the actor and time at the track… so we rolled the dice and give it a shot. Turned out pretty well for being an after thought.

Our production company talent

One of our largest selling points to customers is the fact we have made living getting out from under the agencies and working directly with clients. This is most easily understood when we show up on set as professional hired hands to produce media for agencies for the same people we were speaking directly with weeks before. The Dallas producer, is our producer, the DP is the same one we hire, the gaffers, grips and craft services people are all the same people the studios hire. The video production world is pretty small when you start dealing with top level talent.

Here’s something that might help. Below is a list of video production titles and a description of what they do.

    • Producer – Arguably the most important person on set. They run the company business. They make sure the project goes. They are in control of the budget and responsible the corporate marketing business client is happy with the services and identity being provided. Think of the producer as the father of the project. Always concerned about cost, tough on the small stuff and commands attention
    • Director – Similar to the Producer, the director is responsible for the final outcome of the project. Ultimately the talent of the director will produce videos the corporate client is most pleased with. The director is the most influential person on set. Think of the Director as the mother of the project. Primarily concerned with making films happen their way, they typically see studios and budgets as being secondary to the vision. The project is their baby and they will do whatever it takes to make sure it turns out the right way.
    • Copyrighter – Nothing gets done without words. Copyrighters wordsmith project scripts until the corporate company is happy with their services..
    • DP – The Director of Photography works closely with the Director to come up with a visual style for the film. Do not call them videographer, or refer to their work as videography. They are highly skilled, specializing in cameras and worth every bit they are paid. They choose the camera, lenses, lights and other stuff needs to be used to create the look to please they company paying for the job. In Dallas Video Production, the services of a DP are critical to success.
    • Grips- The team of worker bees, Grips take care of moving anything and everything on set. There are a host of different types of grips but just know nothing would get done on set without an army of grips to make things happen.
    • Sound Department – No picture looks nearly as good without sound and there are dedicated people to ensure sound is captured correctly. Typically on a small set there is an operator and a mixer
    • Camera Department – They take care of the camera, make sure shots are in focus, check the quality of the picture, attach lenses and assist the DP


This is by no means a comprehensive list, but for our purposes and especially in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, the business of offering services worth the price tag come down to having the right team. Dallas Video Production studios specializing in services worth the price tag are few and far between. There are other Dallas companies who make CRM videos or specialize in internet based training videos. We want to be one of the only Dallas businesses focused on offering the big client with services worth the price tag by providing incredible value unlike this next sentence which has little value like corporate marketing speak: Our company promotes powerful training, productions and films with aerial studios able to blare big jobs to build identity in a videographer who specializes in serving hot fire to frozen fish. Yes, serving powerful aerial frozen fish.

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