Here’s a little bit of

What to expect

Below are is a basic outline of the process by which videos are created. Feel free to use it as a guide to know what to expect.

Keep in mind

Everyone LOVES video, NO ONE like long boring videos.
Think like your audience. If you had the option to watch this video, would you take the time to do it? Educating in videos isn't enough, you have to entertain if you want to communicate your message.

Keep it short and sweet
They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but no a days pictures aren't worth nearly that much. There is so much content online today, that in order for you to make a good video you have to be in and out in around 90 seconds.

Have ONE message and ONE only.
The common tendency is to create more content than necessary because you think you have to fit it all in there. If you have multiple ideas, think about breaking it up into smaller pieces. Above all keep it simple.
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For a Live-action production

We will need the following before we start, so let's make sure we are working towards these 3 things with every meeting.

  • Final script
  • Locations
  • On camera talent

Sample Schedule

First we ideate

  • Think, find examples, set budget ranges
  • Fill out creative brief
  • Setup a kick off meeting
  • Think through the idea
  • Be ok with having your idea changed
  • Goal is to set the stage for having a rough script
  • Determine scope of project


  • Schedule production
  • Determine on camera talent
  • Finalize script
  • Determine and schedule locations
  • Procure special equipment and people needed
  • Determine technicals for final delivery


  • Show up to the locations as a client ready to have fun
  • Capture some beautiful images
  • Create the building blocks for the story
  • Collaborate

Post production

  • Editing
  • Sound sweetening
  • Adding soundtracks and script audio
  • Color correction
  • Rough cut
  • Changes
  • Rendering
  • Delivery