Video Producer

We are the people that get things done

In video land, nothing really gets done without the work of a producer. Different from the director, the producer assembles the team including the director in some instances. The director is responsible for the vision of the project, the creative approach, the story telling methods and with the help of the director of photography they determine what camera to use, lenses and colors. The producer is the business behind the deal. They control the budget, make sure the client who is paying the money is happy and that everything actually gets done. Typically they aren’t called video producer but only producer, or “sir”.

World class video production

A video production company like House of Sticks will typically have a few producers on standby should a project come along. Now some projects have producers assigned to them because the job of producing the vision is a job unto itself. Other jobs have the role of producer rolled up into another roll, often the director or producer if the project is small enough. Either way someone has to make sure the bills get paid. Dallas is a fantastic place to make videos since being in the middle of the country offers the ability to get to either coast in 3 hours or less.

  • Chris Reeve Knives

    Chris Reeve Knives makes arguably the best pocket knife on the planet, this is a short biography of the company and their product. So pleased to have finally finished this piece and kudos to CRK and their amazing project.

  • TX Whiskey

    Yo. This one is hot. Literally. TX Whiskey is one of those brands that has come on strong since the explosion of the local distillery. Located in Fort Worth, they make a high quality product that is highly desirable… get it. We hope you like it.

  • The Vett Effect

    Here is a short video we did with a friend’s Corvette. We had the office space, the actor and time at the track… so we rolled the dice and give it a shot. Turned out pretty well for being an after thought.

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