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  • Boy Scouts of America House of Sticks video production

    Boy Scouts of America

    Thanks for the opportunity We had a unique privilege of working directly for Boy Scouts of America and the Circle 10 Council to promote the Boy Scouts national annual meeting. The ability to get prominent leaders from the Dallas area involved in the project was quite an honor. Roger Staubach along with George and Laura…

  • magnolia at lakewood photoshop skills after image House of Sticks

    Magnolia Lakewood

    Lakewood Hero shot This image took a lot of time to create. The building is a top a hill and the only good vantage point was behind telephone poles and a tree. Next time, we cut off the tree branches. Photoshop using merge to HDR Pro in 16-bit color space then applying different layers in…

  • Printing and Manufacturing web design

    Orora Visual

    Quick turn project with only 2 weeks from completion of the contract until the final site was due, this project was a killer effort all the way around. Matching the parent company brand with the new functionality of the website posed an interested combination of challenges. As usual we got the project done on time….

  • Construction Company website design

    Z Constructors

    We can really dominate a construction company website design since we all have some sort of background in construction. This website was a combined effort to make the company more equitable for client lead generation. Since the construction would is run on relationship, its vitally important to show who has done what and in this…

  • Mobile App Development to buy and sell your car by House of Sticks

    Buy and Sell App

    The future of buying and selling an automobile is here. Now there’s no reason to go into the dealership and haggle for hours on end. Simply download the dealer’s app, input your car’s current condition and details and get an actual offer. Not an estimate but a real offer you can go to the lot…

  • Stage 3 pharmaceutical trial study mobile app development by House of Sticks

    Drug Trial App

    Mobile App Development with specific use case scenarios are especially fun since there is a tremendous opportunity to make the experience simple and powerful. In this case with a Drug Trial app, the app was developed for patients in a study in order to help them navigate the treatment cycles, physician appointments as well as…