With a mobile app you can

Get into their pants

Mobile technology is where all things internet are going to live before long. As the world’s emerging markets grow, more people are using mobile devices to connect to the rest of the world. In fact, the majority of the world has only a mobile device as an access point to the internet. Good thing we make iOS and Android apps.

We make more than just apps

Our mobile application development team and our web development team work very closely to provide industry standard practices and milestones to make sure your project gets the attention it deserves. Since there is so much crossover in object oriented programming languages we have found great strength in having a diverse team of developers ready to take on the most robust projects. We actually do a lot more than just mobile application development. In fact, our list of services in this department is so large, its probably most efficient to talk rather than list out everything we do. Just know, that as mobile apps have become more specialized and make use of more diverse technologies, we have been able to keep up. The best part about it, is we can easily scale to meet your needs. If you want to learn more about our services here, fill out the contact form on the bottom of the page.


Having an app puts you in your customers’ pockets.

  • Mobile App Development to buy and sell your car by House of Sticks

    Buy and Sell App

  • Stage 3 pharmaceutical trial study mobile app development by House of Sticks

    Drug Trial App

    Mobile App Development with specific use case scenarios are especially fun since there is a tremendous opportunity to make the experience simple and powerful. In this case with a Drug Trial app, the app was developed for patients in a study in order to help them navigate the treatment cycles, physician appointments as well as…

  • Church bible reading plan mobile app development House of Sticks

    CATC Reading Plan App

    Church at the Cross commissioned a Bible reading plan app to replace the expense of the printing individual forms for the church to use. This tool was specifically developed with the NASB translation team and their version of the scripture. UX design for this project important as the age group using the app would be…

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can do for you

We specialize in mobile application development but we also can handle all the other parts of puzzle as well. This means if there is programming involved, we can do it. Just tell us what you’d like to do and we can take care of the rest — from design to delivery.

What we do

  • Enterprise application development
  • Web-based applications Systems integration
  • Mobile development
  • iOS & Android - we do all things responsize and hand held
  • E-commerce
  • Full solutions to get you doing business online, safe & secure
  • Infrastructure Services
    We build fully scalable solutions. Whether its in a public/private cloud, onpremises or a hybrid approach, we offer solutions that provide secure and efficient solutions to help you get grounded.