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  • magnolia at lakewood photoshop skills after image House of Sticks

    Magnolia Lakewood

    Lakewood Hero shot This image took a lot of time to create. The building is a top a hill and the only good vantage point was behind telephone poles and a tree. Next time, we cut off the tree branches. Photoshop using merge to HDR Pro in 16-bit color space then applying different layers in…

  • Magnolia Eastern 2

    HDR Architecture Photography Magnolia property company has seen tremendous growth in the past 2 years and we have grown with them. This image however has been the most challenging to date. You can see from the before picture, this image was full of wires, light posts and other obstructions. The final image of Magnolia Eastern…

  • architectural photography

    Magnolia Gilbert

    Architectural Photography Another project from Magnolia. Luxury Boutique apartments in Dallas and Fort Worth. Check them out here.

  • Architecture Photography

    Magnolia Eastern

    This is a multifamily complex on Lovers and the Tollway by Magnolia Property Company. If you want to see the property, click here. Commercial multi family photography for apartment units in Dallas. Dallas and Phoenix are two of the fastest growing residential property cities in the US. Building new real estate properties makes for good…

  • Architectural Photo

    Magnolia RV Park

    The Magnolia Property Company RV Park property is located in Fort Worth north of West 7th Street.

  • Live Events

    Commercial Photography by Zack Deck of live events coverage for Reach Records summer concert tour featuring Derek Minor.

  • Beverage Photography

    We make bottles Pop A little compilation of the beverage photography we have taken recently. We have also made some pretty great 30 second commercial spots which you can find here.

  • Commercial Lifestyle Photography


    Lifestyle photography by Zack Deck for limited commercial use and rights managed.

  • Skateboard photography


    Project for a the lifestyle commercial skate photography of all things concrete decks and trucks. RVCA, Etnies, Element, Independent sponsored riders promoting their brands by bringing their talents to the park. We also happen to make fantastic videos.

  • House of Sticks architectural photography fort worth

    Magnolia Vickery

    This is an architectural and interior design marvel. This Fort Worth building sat vacant for years until Magnolia Property Company decided to build a Fort Worth treasure inside. As a commercial project, this piece of architecture is a dream for photographers, the sun sets in the perfect position. The Texas sun set specializes in awesome….

  • branding dallas House of Sticks

    Nelson Bumgardner Brand

    Nelson Bumgardner is a boutique law firm in Fort Worth that specializes in intellectual property litigation and a whole bunch of other legal services. House of Sticks handled a rebranding project as well as a full website redevelopment. Below are the images from the brand relaunch.

  • Architectural Photography Dallas House of Sticks

    Matilda Architectural Photography

    This is the architectural photoshoot for Magnolia at Matilda. Magnolia’s M Streets project in Lowest Greenville. The Hero image is a High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) with many layers to get all the details from sunrise to 10am. You can see the entire project here.

  • Copyrighting and Brochure design House of Sticks

    Worldview Academy Brochure

    The accompanying project to the website design was a brochure that was sent out to all the parents to inform them as to what the week of events was to look like for their children.

  • camo

    Valence Camo

    A pattern we created as a refresh to an exploding camouflage market. This pattern was a creation using patterns used in nature with modern techniques. The goal was to create a intricate pattern that was capable of a full tessellation at high resolution. Maya and photoshop at its finest.

  • architectural photography magnolia bishop arts apartment

    Bishop Arts Architectural

    Commercial architectural photography requires some specific skills in order to make stellar images. The local Dallas photographer needs some architectural experience, to see interior spaces well. Architecture is a real skill that takes years of specializing to master. The same with architectural photography. The photographers, especially in Texas, need a good eye for design. Dallas…

  • Architecture photography DFW

    Wycliff Architectural

    This is a series of photos taken from the Magnolia at Wycliff project in Dallas. Hero image is an HDR image taken over the course of 2 hours. Sometimes you get lucky with the weather. You can see the entire project here