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Best Dallas Video Production Company

Welcome to Dallas. We hope you’re here because you’re impressed with our work, you were referred by someone or you’re looking for a world-class production company. Video production is how we got this whole thing going in the first place… it got our company started. Its the piece of our company that has the most talent. Being a Dallas based production company can be tricky since every video production company in the metroplex seems to be specializing in anything they can list, corporate marketing, training, films, videography, commercials, interactive digital communications, etc. We do all of those things too but we specialize in the high-end. Our company services produce media that is just a cut above.


We are one of the best video production companies in Dallas Fort Worth. Our Dallas based team is the same one that works on all major Hollywood shows that come through town. They are the brilliant, creative, and most talented people in the business, never mind just Dallas. Keep an eye on the projects we have coming and if you dare, follow one of our social media channels, you’ll see what we mean. Everything we produce is quality.

We produce classic television broadcast quality deliverables. Our body of work is split into two distinct groups: typical corporate marketing stuff and the high-end videos, think brand films. Corporate videos, web deliverable videos, training, and live production are the things most companies need but you won’t see any of those projects here, not to say we don’t build them. We are professionals, our high-end productions are Hollywood type filmmaking… cinematographers, cranes, drones and all. Don’t worry, our production company has a few levels of teams, so, we can handle all types of projects from the simple interview to high-end art-filled motion pictures. Literally there is a project for every budget.


From Conception to Broadcast

  • Boy Scouts of America House of Sticks video production

    Boy Scouts of America

    Thanks for the opportunity We had a unique privilege of working directly for Boy Scouts of America and the Circle 10 Council to promote the Boy Scouts national annual meeting. The ability to get prominent leaders from the Dallas area involved in the project was quite an honor. Roger Staubach along with George and Laura…

  • House of Sticks Magnolia Brand Film

    Magnolia Brand Film

    Magnolia wanted a brand film to highlight the differences between their homes and the others on the market. This film explains the unique aspects of the brand. It highlights the key differences and the benefits of their vision. Smaller homes complexes allow for a more intimate experience. Always in the neighborhoods people want to live…

  • House of Sticks video production in Dallas

    Beats by Dre

    Recently we had the opportunity and the direction to make a commercial spot that looked very national. SO we got the team together to make this.


Our services are not limited to ad agencies or Dallas studios. We work well with any company or corporate marketing group. Specializing in the high-end allows our Dallas company to produce professional productions other groups in Dallas (who chase reviews or money) can't touch. We won't compromise of quality even for training videos. The videos we make can benefit any media company or professional marketing group. We aren't limited to Dallas / Fort Worth or Texas, we travel too.


Before the production party starts, we need a good plan and we handle it all. We help get the video idea playing in your head onto the screen with a full suite of pre-production services, they are worth every cent.

  • Conception / Consulting
  • Local Dallas, Texas or National Casting & Talent Acquisition
  • Script writing
  • CRM numbers
  • Location Scouting & Acquisition, Dallas Fort Worth and National
  • Storyboarding so you can see whats going to happen before it does

On set, our talented team makes sure the films style matches your brand. Full branded media creating with big lights and cameras tends to be exciting. Our company wants you to be a part of the it all. Take advantage of a professional film set with behind-the-scenes documentation. Great for social media channels or other promotional images. Who doesn’t like a peek behind the curtain?

If you want to know more about the production company process check out the video process page here.

video production tapes storage


Once it’s in the can, we finish it off our commercials with our post production partner company.

  • Editing
  • Sound Design and Mixing
  • Color Correction and Grading
  • Custom Music scoring or license procurement
  • Visual Effects
  • Compositing
  • Compliant deliverables per spec

Putting together a beautiful visual story is difficult, but we're really good at it. Like really good. So we can take the entire workflow of any sized project and make it come alive for you. Give us a shot, you won't be disappointed. 214